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Psychodermic Injection
Digital Dementia
[imageslides.php @ www.fearstudios.com in /burqueluv]
This album was added to our database on January 16, 2005, and the album's information was last updated 15 years ago. Sindrone is responsible for keeping this album's information up to date. This page has been viewed 3333 time(s).
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This EP release consists of 7 tracks. It represents a process of self exploration. Alot happened to me while writing these songs, and therefore they are laden with a wide variety of different emotions that I am very happy to share with you. Lastly, there are detailed descriptions of each song available on the individual song information pages. Please read them to learn more, and thanks for listening!
January 1st, 2005
Sindrone: Synthesizer, Percussion, Composition, and Artwork
1 Afternow (Bitwise Evolution Mix)
2 Down into Darkness
3 Ethereal Fracture
4 Impact Fetish
5 Shock Core
6 Organic Decay
7 Denihilation
13 comment(s)
<one year later> no it's an internet only release brian, take it ez! (by Sindrone 15 years ago)
yes. it should. (by v0sh 16 years ago)
right on bro, maybe that should be my goal for this year... Hmmm.... (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
ns - it will be good to see a hard release soon - as in non virtual (by v0sh 16 years ago)
Thanks Lysergic,, someday i'll probably make some "merchandise" but it doesn't seem like any time soon... Until then, you'll just have to enjoy my musical expression for free! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
woah..your a sick fucker.nice work...feed the people!!sell us some of your stuff! (by lysergic 16 years ago)
A slideshow of the original photo I manipulated into the cover art for this ep (and several other trippy light experiment photos) can be viewed here: [imageslides.php @ www.fearstudios.com in /burqueluv] (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
Gracias wench, I appreciate all the times you've pre-listened to my tracks over aim in the past and given your feedback. A few of these songs would be much slower if it wasn't for you! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
Yeah...what Brian said. Nice work mang =0) (by xunchandxwenchx 16 years ago)
Wow, I'm glad it all still works. NMIA bumped up to PHP 4.3.10 after the "big PHP scare" and a few things broke in the process. I shall listen to the album now, as I am cooking some chili in the kitchen, on the laptop, filching wireless from the neighbor, while washing a load of laundry and drying another. Oh, and drinking beer like tap water. (by efesar 16 years ago)
No doubt zebra, thanks to efesar for making the album page so damn great. As for buying a copy, I am flattered by your interest but right now this disc is only being released virtually. If there is enough interest, I may decide to print a few copies... (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
thats soo awesome you can listen to the whole disc ! hell yeh, im listening right now ! (by zebra 16 years ago)
kick ass man, how much, so I can buy one??? (by botkiller 16 years ago)
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