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TITLE: "amphibian"
Total running time: Disc 1 =70:52 , Disc 2 =74:35
WEBSITE: [Diverje]
AVAILABLE AT:[DSBP Records] [Innovative Pop, Rock and Electronic Music – Metropolis Records]
This album was added to our database on October 6, 2003, and the album's information was last updated 17 years ago. LiqueFaction is responsible for keeping this album's information up to date. This page has been viewed 3290 time(s).
Another conceptual electronic journey of 2 1/2 hours of all BRAND NEW DIVERJE music! 14 new originals on disc 1 explore a diverse world of hard, aggressive electro-industrial reality.Phattened precision programming, power noise drum breaks,melodic and distorted vocal layering, passionate EBM,and anthemic tracks which show the human race in all its glory and destruction, and the amphibians ruling the earth before and after the humans are all gone...the sounds are intresting, the style is original,blendings of harsh aggression and addictive melody, to keep you moving and thinking as well.Each song stands on its own as a potential single with lots of fresh new sounds and arrangements.. Collaborations with brothaz from E.S.R., AUSPEX, LIAR'S ROSEBUSH,MOON ROCK and SOUL CIRCUIT!

This is not futurepop!! this is "antipop-elektro-industrial music!"

Disc 2 contains all new tracks from this cd remixed by the likes of... THE MERCY CAGE(2 tracks), E.S.R.(2),AGHAST VIEW, AUSPEX, BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION (2),DATA RAPER,FR/ACTION, TECNOMAN S.F., BABEL-17, SYSTEM SYN, and CROC SHOP! complete EBM dance floor power! Aggressive tracks and potent non-typical sounds here! 2 cd's full for the low price of one cd!the future is here.
August 20th, 2003
DIVERJE -"amphibian" DSBP 1060 -Tracklisting
Disc one
1- Broken (4:58)
2- Amphibian (6:08)
3- Deliverance (5:03)
4- in2the trap (5:19)
5- Images (5:51)
6- Red-Eyed (7:00)
7- StepbackUP (4:22)
8- Stronger (4:36)
9- Companion (4:15)
10-Siliconed (5:17)
11-You Suck (3:40)
12-Final Conflict(5:47)
13-Re-Animate (5:12)
14-Polliwog (3:24)
DISC 2 (the remixes)
1- Amphibian (The Mercy Cage) (5:18)
2- Broken (E.S.R.) (5:50)
3- Images (Aghast View) (5:53)
4- In2the trap (E.S.R.) (4:47)
5- Deliverance(Bio-Mechanical Degeneration) (5:23)
6- Companion (Auspex) (4:42)
7- Broken (the Mercy Cage) (7:03)
8- Red-Eyed (Data Raper) (6:04)
9- In2the trap (Fr/Action) (5:04)
10- Deliverance (Tecnoman S.F)(5:49)
11- Red-Eyed (Bio-Mechanical Degeneration) (5:17)
12- Broken (Babel-17) (4:55)
13- In2the trap (System Syn) (3:55)
14- Amphibian (Croc shop) (5:21)
c 2003 diverje/DSBP Records
+++ Wetworks Ezine +++
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File: Diverje | Data: Amphibian | Protocol: DSBP Records Operative: GunHed
After the great 2CD remix album "2:40 AM," Tommy T and his project Diverje are back with another brand new 2CD album entitled "Amphibian." All the usual traits of hard and sometimes mellow electro sounds are present as well as some new influences. The new CD revolves around the theme of amphibians with interesting use of frog samples and manipulated sounds. "Amphibian" also features some creative drum programming (just listen to the hard hitting tracks "Broken" and "Amphibian"!). The drum programming on "Amphibian" is just one of the many evolutionary steps shown by Diverje on this new album.
Disc 2 features remixes from Aghast View, The Mercy Cage, E.S.R., Bio-Mechanical Degeneration, Auspex, Data Rapa, Fr/action, Tecnoman S.F., Babel-17, System Syn and Crocodile Shop.
"Amphibian" is a very unique and solid album full of interesting percussion and electronics. Recommend to fans of previous works.
+++ Black Sheep EZine +++
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The forth studio album AMPHIBIAN from Alburqueque’s Industrial all-stars DIVERJE should easily satisfy all DIVERJE fans. AMPHIBIAN is definitely more synth and beat driven than effects. I think the progression of DIVERJE releases has definitely continued throughout each album as the band matures gracefully. This could also be a result of the numerous collaborators that core musicians Tommy T Rapisardi, Mike Whitten, and Cyboburnt bring in on each release.
The somber melodies and ethereal chord progressions make the concept album AMPHIBIAN tangible to all electronic fans. The proof begins in the melodic album opener "Broken" and continues right through the last track "PolliWog". Even the more aggressive in-your-face tracks are melody-driven rather than saturated with samples and effects. The title-track "Amphibian" demonstrates the most fascinating vocal work and vocal layering I have ever heard.
Tracks such as "In2The Trap" and "Red-Eyed" display classic Industrial/EBM menace with WUMPSCUT-esque rhythms while sticking to the melancholy melody and harmonies of the remainder of the album. Tracks such as "Images" and "Final Conflict" reveal the darker painful visions of DIVERJE, while tracks like "You Suck", "Siliconed", and "StepbackUP" demonstrate the hatred that genuine worthy folk have to tolerate everyday.
Similar to the previous studio album ON SKIN, AMPHIBIAN is an excellent display of diversity, skill, and experience. DIVERJE, as well as other DSBP labelmates, have really pushing the envelope of sound and redefining what the Electronic standards should be.
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