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Music Review by efesar
Wednesday February 20, 2002

HOOK: The Temple EPHook – “The Temple EP”

What is there to say about a guy who runs a contest off his mailing list called PEOPLE WHO HATE HOOK!!!?

I can say this: Justin Katz (uh, you know, the Hook guy) has a sense of humor -- not to mention a sense of style -- that easily blows the top off the typical conservative mind. In the brief time I've been in communication with Justin I've come to appreciate more than just the music.

Perhaps in five years I'll be the first to say "I knew that guy!" when flipping past Late Night with David Letterman, but for now suffice to say that his music is among my favorite selections.

Were you paying close enough attention to that last paragraph? In the oh-so-fashionable world of music reviews I just made a faux-pas. I admitted to liking the music I review.

This is not to say that Hook's music is perfect. Rather than praise him wildly for what beauty he brings to the world I will instead commence ripping poor Justin's soul-driven music to shreds. Humor, folks! Just a joke. Well -- okay -- petty sarcasm, at any rate.

Seriously. I'm awaiting the arrival of new and unheard music from Hook, but since I'm an impatient (fat) bastard I will instead review what I do have: The Temple EP.

If you look carefully to the left of this text (very carefully now, don't bump your nose on the monitor) you will probably see a purplish square. That's the cover.
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