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Press Release by efesar
Saturday June 14, 2003

Submission Guidelines
The deadline for submissions is July 17th, 2003. If you are using postal mail, please mail your submission prior to July 10th, 2003 because if we receive it after the 17th it will be disqualified.

Song Qualifications
You may submit as many songs as you like, however, we recommend you choose three of your best songs.

Your song may contain any content (profanity is acceptable, as well as other politically incorrect topics). Sampling is acceptable in most cases, however "biting" is not. If you are unsure about these terms, don't worry. When we review your song we will let you know.

We will accept songs of any length, however, if your song is more than 6 minutes we might (but might not) ask you to edit the song or resubmit an excerpt of the song. The desired length of each song is 4.5 minutes long.

We accept music of almost any style that is digitally produced. This includes electronic, electronica, darkwave, synth pop, industrial, IDM, EBM, trance, techno, house, ambient, abstract, noise, dub, drum and bass and others.

Song Use and Changes
We reserve the right to master your song before we publish it. If we require any "edits" we will ask you to do them.

You retain all copyrights and ownership to your songs. Therefore, you must own your songs to submit them.

Submission Format
Please clearly mark your submsission with your artist name, the names of the songs, and the order of the songs.

Include a required cover sheet. It must have, at a minimum:

  • These words: "Submission for Burque Luv Volume Five"
  • Your project name
  • Your name
  • Your city
  • Your phone number, address or email address
  • The members of your project, and "positions"
  • Your signature and the date
Also, you may include other optional information:
  • A Tracklist
  • Song Lengths
  • Song BPMs (beats per minute)
  • Musical Genres
  • Influences
  • History
  • Website
We accept submissions CD (audio or data), cassette tape, or MiniDisc or MP3 (http, ftp, email).

URGENT MP3 submission note: Do not encode your MP3's at 128kbps. This is inadequate for CD-Quality. You should encode your song at an absolute minimum of 256kbps. If your encoder has a "quality" setting, put in on the BEST quality setting. Also, I don't recommend using certain encoders, such as Xing encoders. I recommend using the LAME encoder. You can get a front-end for LAME here (razorlame) and you can get the binary version of LAME here. You need both!
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