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EMF 2002

Music Review by efesar
Thursday August 29, 2002

Electronic Music Festival 2002

Note: EMF (Electronic Music Festival) was August 24th, 2002 at Civic Plaza in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Contending with both Moby and the Alibi Fall Crawl on the same night is a big challenge, but New Mexico’s first annual Electronic Music Festival (EMF) managed to draw a big crowd. Like most Albuquerque events the people filtered in slowly but near 11pm (the city imposed time limit) there were easily two thousand people in attendance.

A large crowd makes sense in a lot of ways, with the most obvious as the money factor. This event was free. Throw in a burrito, some Gatorade and a couple of glow-sticks and call it an evening of dancing and entertainment. Contrast that to Moby tickets ($40) and Fall Crawl expenses ($10 plus liquor and tips).

This event took place on Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza, and unlike most electronic events this one attracted a lot of families. From toddlers to teenagers to grandparents – even whole families and neighborhoods – it seems like the music that was once considered strictly club and rave music is now seeping into the consciousness of Americans.

It would seem electronic music is not the devil that some members of Congress would have us believe. People who think electronic music is drug related would have been in for a big surprise to find out that this festival doubled as a political rally. From DJs to members of the ACLU, guest speakers talked about the importance of freedom, our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Visitors were educated with speeches, fliers and banners with the theme “Right To Dance.”

In a nutshell the political stance was against the R.A.V.E. Act of 2002 – Reducing America’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy. An asinine acronym aside, this bill is flying through the U.S. Congress as an extension of the so-called “Crack House” statute. It calls for the liability of property owners for those nefarious drug dealers and users who would dare to sell drugs or use them in your home or business. To sum up this broad sweeping bill, it affects every club in Albuquerque – from the Launchpad to Popejoy Hall. If someone is caught selling drugs on your property, you could be held and tried as a conspirator.

Aside from the heavy words, the EMF was a fun event that appealed to people from all walks of life. With a mix of families, ravers, candy kids, hip-hoppers, break-beat artists, deejays, and casual observers it had a sweet note of community.

As one eloquent speaker said, “We are here as the gatherings of tribes.” Enjoy the pictures!
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