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Albuquerque, NM
All listed titles are available on cd (cassettes can be made upon request).

the single "Method of Madness" is on the Burque Luv V cd.

To order any of these cds contact ken cornell at 505- 315-4743 0r drop a line to [angaym@hotmail.com]

related projects:Alchemical Burn, Chainstoking , Unnatural Element, Notes From The Future

This band was added to our database on July 28, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 14 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 15280 time(s).
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3 vote(s).
"A Decadent Dark Angel"
Track two on the LP titled: Kaleidoscope Mind:

This track was chosen from a live studio session inspired by Beltane 2004.

credits: Kenneth Cornell, Steven Fresquez

Produced by Angaym K. Oss
c. 2004 7m 34s 6.0MB 128Kbps

5 vote(s).
"picture this/apparitions"
a fusion of elecro, rock, soundscape, and storytelling, as with most of our material this is a live-studio recording, so forgive some of the levels and tell us what you think!

credits: st. freeq-keyboards, air synth, f/x
angaym k. oss-vocal, f/x
c. 2005 6m 2s 8.3MB 192Kbps

4 vote(s).
lust as a stream of conciousness, a clean tale about a dirty mind, adventures in the mathematics of matriarchy, this is how pop infiltrates science

credits: st. freeq-keyboards, air synth
angaym k.oss-vox, drum machine, fx
c. 2005 7m 48s 9.4MB 192Kbps

1 vote(s).
"Black Light Science"
dark hardbeat experiment in psychedelic trance dance

credits: Synth/Drums : Zebra

Synth/Vox/Fx : St. Freeq

NzFx/Synth/Vox : Angaym

*engineered, recorded & produced by K. Cornell @ Deathtrap and Dungeon Studios
c. 2005 4m 37s 5.0MB 192Kbps
No votes.
"method of madness [burque luv five right]"
[burque luv five right]

credits: steven fresquez-keybords, air synth, fx
kenneth cornell-drum machine, sampler, kaos pad, f/x

original master by angaym k. oss
remastered and edited by keith woodell
recorded at dos diablos studios
burque luv volume five [right]
c. 2003 6m 42s 7.7MB 189Kbps
No votes.
A piece and a place for those who are dilligent of the elements. Flute, synths and such are laid out serenely to create an atmosphere of reverance.

c. 2006 5m 36s 6.3MB 192Kbps
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