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Albuquerque, NM
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This band was added to our database on August 15, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 13 years ago. v0sh is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 26825 time(s).
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4 vote(s).
"feigning resemblence (mixdown draft)"
More like the "old school" sequencing cob became known for before console gear was introduced to the live aspect, this track delivers some of the energy missed, but adds a new flavor of old IDM synth to the mix.

credits: v0sh: programming, draft mixing, draft engineering

recorded at Fear Studios Bravo
c. 2005 6m 32s 7.6MB 192Kbps

2 vote(s).
"decay (live@home.pad 041505)"
a tore up jam recording - too little sleep, too much cheap beer.

credits: v0sh - "live" improvisation programming
c. 2005 5m 17s 7.3MB 192Kbps
No votes.
"bottle witch [burque luv five right]"
[burque luv five right]

burque luv volume five [right]
c. 2002 6m 39s 7.1MB 174Kbps

1 vote(s).
"bottlewitch (remix; truncate)"
an environmental influenced track by design, this reprise of a fairly manic beat driven remix delivers a basic idea of the real thing.

credits: v0sh: beats, sampling, resampling, resequencing, post mixing
c. 2004 3m 59s 2.7MB 128Kbps

2 vote(s).
"days of darkness (cover - originally by efesar)"
The cover of an efesar track Kay wrote a very, very long time ago.

glitch rythym texture swimming through deep hard low hZ bass lines. harsh vocoded vox.

credits: The Kay: original composition and lyrics
v0sh: recomposition, tone generation, environmental sampling, programming, vox
receive little
c. 2002 4m 13s 3.9MB 128Kbps
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