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xiphoid process
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xiphoid process
Albuquerque, NM
against my better judgement, xp now has a page on myspace.com:
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This band was added to our database on July 20, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 14 years ago. necrophoria is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 19149 time(s).
industrial inspired electronics infused with gothic and experimental sensibilities.
the legendary pink dots, controlled bleeding, test dept, current 93, skinny puppy, coil, men without hats, godflesh/jesu et al.
formed in 1994 from the ashes of an experimental / noise duo, xiphoid process evolved to create intriguing soundscapes that transcend the borders of gothic, industrial, experimental, and synth music. led by the solitary m. potts, xp has garnered a cult following among dark music's intelligentsia.

possessing an honesty to his voice that is rarely heard in this style of electronic music, michael is known for his oblique lyrics and layered vocals. the songs range in style from a very dark gothic, to ebm-core, to psychedelia inspired synth-rock. darkwave and industrial are juxtaposed with experimental all the while retaining the cohesive elements of a hopelessly bleak atmosphere and michael's ubiquitous voice. the voice itself ranging from the alien-possessed straining of 'mutation' to the white noise distortion of 'zorn' to the haunting atmosperics of 'deadwinterwhite'. but perhaps most intriguing of all is that beneath the electronics, percussion and effects lie the corpses of smartly written songs. granted not all of them are accessible at first, but unfold listen after listen, unveiling a deeper meaning each time.

after self-releasing a full length demo and two albums, xiphoid process has refined and redefined its sound and is slowly moving away from its experimental roots while remaining tied to them. focusing on tighter, beat-heavy arrangements, the more accessible sound even landed xp several spots on the now defunct mp3.com's top 40 goth and industrial charts. this new attention has resulted in several collaborations with other artists, as well as unique remix work, which has added a new dimension to xp's approach.

the audience continues to expand worldwide now, with the inclusion of xiphoid process on three of the now infamous interbreeding series compilations from blc productions and metropolis records. the material recorded for these comps showcases a harsher, electronic side of xp exploring the industrial end of the spectrum. now poised to step up to the next level of the underground, michael offers only his standard, cryptic reflection: "the elegy continues..."
m. potts
Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation review
This mutated double cd compilation contains 32 tracks from several major acts in the scene. Extremely hard industrial beats is what you can expect. This compilation holds several already well known acts like, Hocico, Pain Machinery, Implant, Stark, skoyz, Taktical Sekt etc... However what makes this compilation stand out is the number of new names that I have never heard of, bands like Kubikzahl, ESR and Xiphoid Process who in my mind are revolutionising the Industrial scene and putting it back on the underground map.
--Gothic Online Magazine [ @ www.gothica.za.net in ]

upcoming Interbreeding III: Xenophobic
Destined to be one of the unique and most sought-after artists of our decade, Xiphoid Process returns to turn up the heat and burn up audiences once again in a tremendous and extremely flammable exclusive that outdoes even the stellar works from Xiphoid Process featured on the previous two releases in this massive Interbreeding compilation series. BLC is greatly indebted to an artist that leaves no structure uncrumbled, no window unshattered, as XP takes the stage on Interbreeding III.
-- blcmusic.com
drowning in the stream of consciousness (1997-out of print), my own thorny crown (2000-out of print), ex oblivione (2001-out of print), the flesh is weak (2003-unreleased), the rest is darkness and dismay (coming late spring 2006)
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