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Albuquerque, NM
[DSBP Records]
+++ Also available @ CHARLEYS RECORDS & TAPES +++
7602 MENAUL BLVD NE, ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87110 Phone: (505) 296-3685

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The original electro-industrial radio show *rated "Best On The Net" by About.com* featuring Tommy T of Diverje and DSBP. For over 8 years running, you can hear the show live every Saturday night on the radio @ 89.9 KUNM in New Mexico or online at [ @ www.kunm.org in /] (worldwide) or listen 24/7 @ [Cyberage Radio] Now available, MP3 downloads!!

+++ **Happy Holidays from Diverje and the DSBP!!** +++

This band was added to our database on October 6, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 15 years ago. LiqueFaction is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 20291 time(s).
DESCRIPTION - Diverje formed by Tommy T Rapisardi in 1995. combining elektro - industrial, aggressive coldwave, melodic EBM, and splatterings of power noise, experimental and drum-n-bass, Diverje is a band built for the future. always adding and collaborating with new members, and new ideas, Tommy T keeps this band sounding unpredictable, and off centered from the more "popular, and watered down electronica" that we mostly hear as the mainstream "representative" for electronic music in America. Diverje keeps an open mind, but without submitting to trends or following the crowd. the great collaborators worldwide have kept Diverje more intresting and daring than most. Raw, aggressive, thought provoking, and emotional sounds... this is what Diverje is about.
Electro-industrial/EBM with dashings of drum n' bass, powernoise, and metal influences.
INFLUENCES - many bands, and artists have influenced the sound of Diverje... but the main ones are... Leather Strip, Devo, Aghast View, Biopsy, Skinny Puppy, X-marks the Pedwalk, A23, Evils Toy, FLA, The Clash and Cubanate.
Leather Strip, Aghast View, ESR, Skinny Puppy
Tommy T, Vincent P, Mikey, Cybo Burnt and various guest artists
review by Luke R. (DJ IZ)


"Amphibian" is a tribute to the excellent music and sound that Diverje is known for. At the same time it's also a great progression in Diverje's sound, as it involves collaborations throughout almost the entire album. Projects such as E.S.R, Bio-Mechanical Disintegration, Liar's Rosebush, Moon Rock, Auspex, Korrupt Data, Liquefaction and Soul Circuit (as well as other individuals who may not have a project to name, but are still amazingly talented) contributed to this release. Outside of the electro-industrial sound that Diverje has produced, stronger elements of drum'n'noise, breakbeats, and electro are present.

This album also has some amazing lyrics, which I encourage everyone to read, as a lot of emotion went into them. To quote Tommy T from the CD booklet, "This album is my story about the human race, some of its biggest failures, flaws and personal divisions, and stories I have to tell as well". So don't just let these tracks go in one ear and out the other - soak them in as they have more feeling than fluff. If you want fluff, turn on top 40 radio.

The CD also presents a lot of nature sounds, which further add to it's uniqueness. I think it's pretty obvious why the album in titled "Amphibian" .

One thing to note for DJs is that quite a few songs this CD are club-friendly. I found myself thinking of all types of ways to add these tracks to a mix, and that's not even on the remix disc. This may not have even been an attempt to appeal to clubs, but it works out all the same without any compromise to the uniqueness of Diverje as a project.
+++ Discography +++

1996 DSBP#1004 Electrodiums / The Passage
1998 DSBP#1019 Existence / Program Remix
2000 DSBP#1030 On Skin
2001 DSBP#1034 Stimulate EP
2002 DSBP#1043 2:40AM
2003 DSBP#1060 Amphibian

+++ Compilations +++

V/A - Inter Breeding II: Industrial Mutilation (BLC) track: Deliverance (tecnoman S.F. remix)

V/A -Futronic Structures vol. 4 (DSBP) track: Companion (Clarence Boddicker remix) (previously unreleased)

V/A -State of Synth Pop (A Different Drum) "On Skin" (Assemblege 23 remix)

2002-2003 ---DIVERJE compilation appearances...... -V/A -INTERBREEDING V.1 (BLC PROD.)(exclusive track) "broken" (AUSPEX REMIX)

-V/A -Hive Records Compilation v.1 (HIVE RECORDS) "on skin" (ASSEMBLAGE 23 remix)

-V/A -CYBOnetix 2002 (DSBP) track: "in2 the trap"(radio edit) (previously unreleased)

-V/A -THE WAR AGAINST THE TEENY-BOPPERS!(INVIN-KOR Artistic alliance) track: "reject me"(Liar's Rosebush remix) (from "2:40am")

-V/A -TOO MUCH INFORMATION - (UNMEDIATED PRODUCTIONS) track:"stimulate"(control.Org remix) (previously unreleased)

-V/A -Electro Radiovengeance -(ADSR) track:"xerox" (radio edit)(previously unreleased mix)


-V/A -CYBOnetix 2001 (DSBP) track:"retaliate"(first attack) (previously unreleased)
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