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Abandon All Hope
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Abandon All Hope
Albuquerque, NM
visit our homepage for more information at [abandonallhope @ www.killorbekilled.net in /]

Roger does the NM Hardcore site at [ @ www.killorbekilled.net in ]
Eben also plays in other local bands Fukrot and Lynida Cain
Yuri also plays in local metal/hardore band Bulletrainmafia

This band was added to our database on October 17, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 17 years ago. abandonallhope505 is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 14035 time(s).
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Melodic hardcore/punk with a metal edge to it.
Darkest Hour
Death By Stereo
Bad Brains
Iron Maiden
Abandon All Hope was started in April 2001 by Roger Pacheco (guitar), Yuri Pryor(bass) and Scott Madden (drums)after their previous band Someone Else's Problem broke up. Jason Capps joined on 2nd guitar shortly thereafter. Scott and Jason quit the band a couple of months into it and Elmer (last name uknown) joined on drums. Creative and personal differences led to Elmer being asked to leave the band after a couple months and Scott rejoined for a short while. Scott once again left the band. Eben Travis (currently of Fukrot and Lynida Caine) joined on drums in November of 2001. The band played with this lineup until October of 2002, during which time 6 songs were recorded by Adam Fields. One of them appears on a split 7" with Frontside (from Chicago) that was released on Mondo Man Records in May of 2003. 4 of the other songs will appear on a 3 way split with The Subject (California) and Varant Majarian (LA, California) on Chicken Head Records in late October 2003. Joel Dickman joined at 2nd guitar in October 2002 after the band decided that 2 guitars would make for more of a full, complete sound with the ability to display more melodic elements to the songs. With this 4 piece lineup the song "50%" was recorded and will appear on a compilation released on Jerk Off Records out of Needles, CA in the near future. The song may also appear on other compilations if the chance so happens. Joel left the band in October 2003 to persue college in Colorado. Abandon All Hope is currently looking for a 2nd guitarist.
Yuri Pryor-Bass, vocals
Roger Pacheco-Guitar, vocals
Eben Travis-Drums
Joel Dickman- Guitar, vocals
Split 7" w/ Frontside on Mondo Man Records
3 way split CD w/ The Subjects, Varant Majarian on Chicken Head Records
Compilation track on "The Comp To End All Comps" on Jerk Off Records
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