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Gentry Bronson
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San Rafael, CA
Pop/Easy Listening

This band was added to our database on September 10, 2007, and the band's information was last updated 11 years ago. starrider is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 1913 time(s).
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"Gentry Bronson is a gem, an exceptional talent. He isn't just singing and playing, he feels his music, his arms and hands wave, flinging in the air gracefully. The audience seemed under his spell." - Lucia Whitney, Bread & Roses Producer, San Francisco, CA, [ @ www.breadandroses.org in ]

"Gentry Bronson delivers like few others can." - Lee Tyler Post, Producer/Singer-Songwriter, Rock N Soul Productions, San Diego, CA, [Official Site of Lee Tyler Post | Rock 'N Soul Gypsy Troubadour | Home]

"Gentry Bronson has a vision and a certain kind of wisdom that comes forth whenever he sits down and begins to play." - Gregory J. Pleshaw, journalist and author of The Collapse Of Time, Santa Fe, NM, [Blogger]

San Francisco's Gentry Bronson is bringing the piano back to the focal point of pop music, paying homage but really amping up the style made famous by artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Tori Amos and Ben Folds. Using all 88 keys, he explores a wide spectrum from sentient ballads to big, bold rock tunes'all with lyrics telling stories of the many lives he's led and roads he's been down in his still-young life.

Gentry brings the one-man show to a new level, delivering a dynamic, multi-dimensional and engaging performance. He keeps his audiences captivated with songs and stories from start to finish: 'I love to interact with the audience and put on a big show, even when it's just me and the piano,' he says. He likes to break his set up with the occasional unique cover, like Kermit the Frog's "(It's Not Easy Bein') Green," Billy Joel's "Piano Man," Elton John's "Your Song" or The Beatles' "Sexy Sadie."

Gentry's varied recordings cross over many boundaries, appealing to fans of a wide variety of genres from alternative, rock and pop to folk, jazz and ambient music. He has written, produced and released seven records since 2001, including two solo, two instrumental and three with his former group The Night Watchmen. He released two LPs last year; an ambient, instrumental album called Santa Fe Sky, and No War, an LP he likes to call his 'Star Wars trilogy album.' Fourteen songs are divided into three parts, each with a different lyrical theme, moving from hope, love and escape to loss, war and darkness, and then to rebirth, surrender and celebration. This LP showcases Gentry's broad sweeping range of songwriting prowess, from soaring beauties like the opener 'Shine' to sweet soul-bearers like 'Save Me' to head-pounding piano punk on 'Heads Of Fire.'
rock, pop
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