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The Blacklight Zebras.
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The Blacklight Zebras.
Albuquerque, NM
Teknobunker /+ Viral Beat Tribe

This band was added to our database on April 17, 2002, and the band's information was last updated 13 years ago. zebra is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 40198 time(s).
13 comment(s)
killer! (by lysergic 16 years ago)
OMFG I love your new song!! "wire sex" is bloddy amazing! (by botkiller 16 years ago)
word man.,.. I need to hear "The Zebras" live again... (by DJMyke 17 years ago)
yeh u need to rise again, man... its been way too fricken long, fu.. (by v0sh 17 years ago)
thx much ! manslaughter is mans laughter by the way (by zebra 17 years ago)
Holy crap, I shitted my pants after I heard the very first sounds from your track. It was a quiet night and there you are - bum, bum, bum...my volume was too high. Almost killed me. You could be charged with manslaughter. (by equorista 17 years ago)
coming soon... (by zebra 17 years ago)
gimme more, d00d (by v0sh 17 years ago)
roobs = /dev/root (by botkiller 17 years ago)
*tries to ninja loot his ms2000* (by Girl Kills Boy 18 years ago)
| Da Masta
(by c0ldfire 18 years ago)
sheot beotch!! (by zebra 18 years ago)
when u gonna come over, fu. (by v0sh 18 years ago)
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