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random access memory
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random access memory
Albuquerque, NM
dark beat productions

This band was added to our database on August 22, 2002, and the band's information was last updated 15 years ago. kentifyr is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 21502 time(s).
17 comment(s)
heh ... actually, its an XLR cable. should've been a midi cable though ... (by kentifyr 16 years ago)
he's got a MIDI cable in his hand, heh. (by cheii 16 years ago)
damn, these guys are still around? (by cheii 16 years ago)
This is some really fine songwriting. (by goatpax 16 years ago)
re- acquiring cds: the shop will open after august 26th at [ @ www.thisisram.com. in ] we will also be stocking the disc at natural sound in nob hill. (by kentifyr 16 years ago)
How can we get ahold of a cd if we cannot make it to either party ?? Good shtuff btw =0) (by xunchandxwenchx 16 years ago)
u allz= kay, rec, mix mast = naHce - kent = new trax rox - nd to hr u live again,with aWl new trx!!! yr v0x are refinining nicely (by v0sh 16 years ago)
man u allz sound even better studio style - release party? (by v0sh 16 years ago)
I really like the newly-uploaded tracks, especially "Patriot". Great work. (by poison_pansy 16 years ago)
new song "the drowning". Interesting because homie and me are working on a song called "drowning". hmmm... sounds good tho. You should hook me up with some of some synth plugins that I can use thru FL. (by DJMyke 17 years ago)
mmm keith, you did an awesome job of mastering these tracks, man! ill see you f0o'z at the show this friday! (by v0sh 17 years ago)
*poot* I NEED CD!!! NOW!!!! (by DJMyke 17 years ago)
We want a CD! (by Sinnark 17 years ago)
I MUST have a studio version of the RAM cover of "mad world" by tears for fears... MUST.... (by botkiller 17 years ago)
O.O wow! (by Girl Kills Boy 17 years ago)
another incredible performance at burt's tiki lounge, these guys just keep gettin better, and better! (by Sindrone 17 years ago)
Keep on truckin sucka!!!!! Lookin forward to the next mysterium! (by c0ldfire 17 years ago)
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