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Alchemical Burn
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Alchemical Burn
Albuquerque, NM
contact angaym on behalf of Ab at
or call 505-315-4743

related projects:Chainstoking, Ohmniscience, Unnatural Element, Notes From The Future, Symbiosis, the Black Lillies

**special thanks to fear studios & burque.info (keith woodell) for all they do for NM electronic musicians!

(angry baby photo on this page by michael flowers)


This band was added to our database on June 28, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 13 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 35122 time(s).
Combining the alchemy of sound with chemical enrichment. Melding into the body, mind, and spirit; the albuquerque based music/noise act, Alchemical Burn, is a hybrid of electronic, analog, acoustic, musique concrete,and field recordings. With heavy voice and noise manipulations, Ab rides a laser thin line between madness and beauty. Elements of "tribal-electro" and "sonic-space" appear throughout performances as well as studio work.

Live Ab is focused on improvisational sound as well as musical structure. For approximately 4 years, of a 6 year herstory, no two shows have been the same. Angaym k. Oss, Ab's ringmaster, has performed solo and with myriad guest musicians from both the electronic and analog spheres of music.
Performing in countless bars, theatres, art galleries, warehouse parties, and on live television and radio. Angaym has had the honor to play on the same bill with such artists as Apocalypse Theater, Shadow Project, Terrorstate, DAT politics, Black Elf Speaks, Neptune, The voodoo organist, Inerex and body manipulations guru Fakir Musafar.

Collaborations and site specific performances include work with the following;
Zanchowa, Novemdecillion, Death Will Be Digital, Dark Dress States, Mal In Se, ConsumeObeyBreed,Blacklight Zebras, Chainstoking, Ohmniscience, Symbiosis, Djalma Primordial Science,3 Sided Hole/5 Elements, Kink fetish events, Oscillation electronic music festival, Magnifico Art Gallery, Abiogenesis, Outpost Performance Space, KUNM studios & webcast, Fort 105, Eripa art studio, Taos film festival, Flicks on 66-digital film festival, Basement Films, Neoboy, Karen Houser, Jeff Gburek, Michael Rose, Vanessa Skantze, the Lumen gathering at Fais DoDo (los angeles) etc.

Alchemical Burn invites one and all to inspect the unexpected and dance to the sound of shattering walls!!!
ebm-avant garde-soundscape-noise-tribal-ambient-found sound-field recording-sonic sculpture-minimalism-industrial-pop and the kitchen sink!
legendary pink dots, coil, einstruzende de neubaten, throbbing gristle, lisa gerrard, diamanda galas, flying saucer attack, marc almond, this mortal coil, merzbow, muslimgauze, mike patton***surrealism, autonomy, sexuality, buddhism, paganism, wicca, butoh theatre, bondage fairies!
Angaym started in Tripping Dogs, an "industrial" metal act with Trey Xanthean in 1992. Then came Cerebus (1994), a noise/ grindcore project. Bleed (1995) was an early, solo, studio only version of Ab which was formed soon thereafter.
Around the same time (1996) Handmaidens of the Precious Blood was born. This was a full band in which any/everything goes, After the dissolving of HOTPB (96/97), Alchemical Burn was forged out of a desire to maintain an experimental and improvisational approach to music within its' performance.
It has continued to be the "journal" of sonic excavation and all its beauty and imperfections for eight years now!
Angaym k. Oss

with guest appearances by some of burques premiere electronic and other styles of musical artists...

Contributors and Conspirators:
swante jauch(biaxial creep), gavin brennan, orlando guiterrez
steven fresquez(ohmniscience), stephen baine(novemdecillion), vosh(consume obey breed-pazkoft-unnatural element), zebra(blacklight zebras), jeff gburek(djalma primordial science), michael rose, chris purcell(pazkoft), lee king III, robert perkinson, karen houser(empath), neoboy, saul(kipple), gfx
Alchemical Burn
The Metamorph
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