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Digital Dementia
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Digital Dementia
Albuquerque, NM
Immortal Continuum

This band was added to our database on June 25, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 13 years ago. Sindrone is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 26313 time(s).
6 comment(s)
thanks man, i knew you were jsut tryin to get a piece of me... hehe (by Sindrone 15 years ago)
naw, not worse at all - you know i enjoy a little sloppy man love! (by v0sh 15 years ago)
Thanks v0sh, this is actually old compared to what i've been sharing with you. I appreciate the compliment, even if it may mean that my songs are getting worse as I gain more experience... lmao! (by Sindrone 15 years ago)
nice dood - im diggin this new material as much or more as the recent beds youve been sharing with me.. (by v0sh 15 years ago)
Thanks goatpax, I appreciate the compliment! (by Sindrone 15 years ago)
This is a pretty eclectic body of work. It would make a great "concept" EP. Nice job. (by goatpax 15 years ago)
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