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xiphoid process
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xiphoid process
Albuquerque, NM
against my better judgement, xp now has a page on myspace.com:
[xiphoid process | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos]
come be my friend...

This band was added to our database on July 20, 2003, and the band's information was last updated 14 years ago. necrophoria is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 20165 time(s).
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"black horizon [burque luv five right]"
[burque luv five right]

burque luv volume five [right]
c. 2003 3m 20s 4.9MB 204Kbps
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near 10 minute piece building from a dark drone to an orchestral frenzy.

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 10m 46s 9.0MB 128Kbps
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"about the blood"
don't remember what most of the lyrics are for this anymore. they were recorded stream-of-conscious-ly and i never wrote them down. probably a good thing.

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 6m 59s 8.2MB 192Kbps
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"the third era"
experimental piece going back to my roots a la nurse with wound and others. recorded september '06.

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 7m 18s 10.0MB 192Kbps
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"a million scars (demo)"
felt depressed one day...

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 5m 2s 6.9MB 192Kbps

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"complex (acoustic demo)"
an acoustic demo from a few years back that i never fleshed out into anything more than piano. now i like the starkness. added some light effects to the vox for this mix.

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 4m 35s 4.9MB 192Kbps
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"good-bye gaia (version 1)"
newest thing i've recorded. just finished 10/19.

credits: m. potts
c. 2006 5m 17s 7.3MB 192Kbps
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