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Event  Type  City  Filtered ascending.  Genre  Date  
A Very Cobra Christmas Gathering Albuquerque Unclassified 2005.12.23 
Memphis P. Tails Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.18 
Bikini Bike Wash Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.06.02 
a Black Lux, Spirit Bears, AGL Concert Albuquerque Unclassified 2005.12.13 
Winter Wonderlust Orgy Albuquerque Digital/Electron... 2005.12.03 
Martini Thursdays with DJ Eldon... Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.04.18 
Future Alaska Burn Concert Albuquerque Unclassified 2006.01.03 
Electro - funky Concert Albuquerque Cross/Fusion 2005.11.22 
DEVIL TO PAY + CONIFER +... Concert Albuquerque Rock/Metal 2004.09.27 
Beat Shrine Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.05 
sMoKe @ Atomic Cantina... Concert Albuquerque Rock/Metal 2005.12.16 
Fast Heart Mart Concert Albuquerque Analog/Organic 2005.11.22 
Fast Heart Mart Concert Albuquerque Analog/Organic 2005.12.31 
Unit 7 Drain Concert Albuquerque Alternative/Pun... 2005.12.17 
cobra-bunny-venus Concert Albuquerque Unclassified 2006.05.02 
cobra//group cd release Concert Albuquerque Unclassified 2006.09.01 
Larry Freedman Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.07 
Winterlock Concert Albuquerque Rock/Metal 2005.11.18 
Poetry & Beer Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.06.09 
The Sultans Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.04.20 
Leiahdorus - CD Release Party Concert Albuquerque Digital/Electron... 2005.11.26 
Ladies night with DJ Chris Losack Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.10 
Karaoke Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.02 
Metal Head Thursdays Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.09 
Celtic jam session Unknown Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.05.16 
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