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Beth Cohen
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Friday October 31st, 2008
El Rey Theatre in Albuquerque, NM
One of Bulgaria’s premier wedding bands has reunited after 14 years, recording a CD of traditional Bulgarian dance music and is currently on a 3 month long U.S. tour. Fans of traditional and world music will be treated to a concert and dance party by Kabile on Saturday, November 1st at downtown Albuquerque’s Historic El Rey Theater.

Kabile Traditional Wedding Band was formed in 1978 and became one of the most popular bands in Bulgarian Thrace. Based in the city of Yambol, Bulgaria, the group took its name from the village of Kabile, where they performed one of their earliest gigs. The group specializes in performing native music on traditional village instruments, resulting in an extraordinary acoustic experience. This form of Bulgarian wedding music has attracted worldwide attention and scholarship for its incredible virtuosity and musicianship.

Members of Kabile play all the instruments of a traditional Bulgarian village band: gaida, tapan, kaval and gadulka. The gaida is a bagpipe made of goat skin and pipes. The tapan is a large wooden drum covered with sheep or goat skin and played with two specially designed drumming sticks: the kukuda is a pipe-shaped stick of walnut and the praèka is a thin switch, usually made of dogwood or willow. The kaval is a flute-like instrument open at both ends, played by blowing on the smaller, sharpened end. The gadulka is a pear-shaped string instrument, played vertically in front of the musician. These four instruments have a centuries-old history in Bulgarian folk music and will accompany the remarkable traditional vocal styling of Donka Koleva. As a "modern" addition to the ensemble, the band also includes the accordion.

The multi-talented group played together for nearly 20 years throughout Bulgaria and Eastern Europe until two key members emigrated to the U.S. in 1995 after the collapse of the various Communist regimes in Eastern Europe. In late 2007, the two émigrés returned to Bulgaria to record "Kabile, traditional music from Thrace" with their former band members. The debut CD contains 11 of the most popular numbers from their years as a group and includes both vocal and instrumental versions of native Bulgarian songs. The CD is self-produced; the 2007 tour is funded in part with travel and visa assistance from the Eastern European Folklife Center ([ @ www.EEFC.org), in ] a nonprofit organization based in California. To listen to cuts from the CD and for more tour dates and information please visit the web site: [kabile @ www.balkandance.net in /]

Goddess of Arno Balkan dance band will be opening for Kabile. Doors will open at 8pm and the music will begin at 9pm. Tickets will be sold at the door for $10-general and $8-for seniors, and students.

For more information, please contact Beth Cohen at 505-243-6276 or [cohenedmunds@netzero.net]

This is a 21+ event in the Historic El Rey Theater
Goddess of Arno

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