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Psychodermic Injection

"Experimental Photograph by Sindrone"
(640 x 480 - JPG - 79kB)
Psychodermic Injection [Psychodermic Injection] in Art
While visiting Portland, I had a chance to visit their zoo at night while they had it decorated with holiday lights. Since I had my camera with me, I decided to begin experimenting with taking pictures while moving the camera in a variety of ways. The result is this colorful series of sweeping light trail photos.
Photograph by Sindrone
Art, Photography, Lights, Trails, Acid, Trip
Clips from these photos were used for the cover art on Digital Dementia's Psychodermic Injection EP.

album: Psychodermic Injection
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4 comment(s)
hehehe... this one would probably be blue razz with lime sprinkles! (by Sindrone 14 years ago)
This reminds me of a series of electrical Slurpees !! *YUM* =0p (by xunchandxwenchx 14 years ago)
thanks man, i'm really glad you got into them! (by Sindrone 15 years ago)
clint, these are some great photos!!! (by angaym k oss 15 years ago)
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