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BLC Productions
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BLC Productions, dedicated to creation of the highest-quality compilation music CDs and products that depart from the usual crap that is commercially produced. We are dedicated to putting on the market CDs that are actually WORTH THE MONEY!! Too many listeners have experienced the rank disappointment of paying good, hard-earned dollars for CDs, including compilation CDs featuring various artists, that simply do not live up to expectations and instead lead to disappointment and the definite feeling of having been RIPPED OFF. It is time for that to change. This is the place where that change will be accomplished. That is our promise at BLC Productions. It is a promise that we are going to keep. No CD will be produced that leaves the listener with the feeling that he or she has gotten nothing but a collection of bang-clang noise tracks, one after the other, just another "coaster." We at BLC Productions speak from experience as consumers who have experienced the same rip off. This is the new world. Welcome to it.
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