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cool edit pro is now adobe audition
15 years ago
Comments (9)
well, there goes another good music program, down the drain.
Adobe Systems Incorporated acquired the technology assets of Syntrillium Software in May 2003. On August 18th, 2003 Adobe released a rebranded version of Cool Edit Pro 2.1 as Adobe Audition™ software.


[Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition]
9 comment(s)
seriously.. I'd like to know. (by botkiller 15 years ago)
uh... I never, EVER typed "heh... poke!" on here... what the fuck is going on??? (by botkiller 15 years ago)
is it cheaper? heheh (by v0sh 15 years ago)
zeb, i may use it ... the reason i found out about audition is because i was looking for an update to 2.1 ... so when agent said 2.5, i got really excited and started looking for 2.5 ... but i think that was a typo, and he meant 2.1 ... i read that 2.5 was "floating around kazaa" but it's just a virus apparently ... the latest version i can find is 2.1 ... (by efesar 15 years ago)
lol,, yeh thats about all anybody i know is ever gonna do,, "audition" it ,,,repeatedly (by zebra 15 years ago)
I have Adobe Audition running just fine on my PC, all nice and legal just like everyone else's copy of Cool Edit. I don't notice much difference, but oddly enough, it moves faster, and the sounds have better EQ'd response through my speakers... and this is upgrading from CEP 2.5, which is basically identical. The extra megs in the install are for 32-bit input and output software. I think it's ok, and it's as easy to "purshae legally" as Photoshop and Illustrator. (by agentmeow 15 years ago)
heh... poke! (by botkiller 15 years ago)
from the site:


FAQ: What's the difference between CEP2.1 and Audition 1.0?

Ozpeter - 11:43pm Sep 14, 2003 Pacific

Matheu Somers' response to this question was

The only changes from CEP2.1 are:

(1) The CD writer beta has gone.
(2) MP3's can now be set to open as 32bit files.
(3) The brainwave sync is now called Binaural Panner.
(4) The installation file size has changed from 16Mb to 27Mb
(5) I guess the splash screen, welcome song and about-box have changed.

And there's somethi
(by nebs 15 years ago)
lame. (by nebs 15 years ago)
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