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new mexico music industry awards
15 years ago
Comments (16)
so it's that time of year.

You have only three weeks left (February 6th is your last day) to submit your entries for the 17th Annual 2004 New Mexico Music Industry Awards.

[ @ www.nmmia.com in ]

brian botkiller was in the running last year, but didn't win. we'd like to see more diversity in all categories, but especially the ones related to digital music.

according to the website:

Electronica - Formally titled Dance Oriented Rock / Techno this music brings into its circle all forms of electronic music. Pioneers like Michael Olfield gave birth to people like Moby.

hopefully, the site refers to giving birth to moby in a ... metaphorical sense. i would shudder to think of how that big head got through that ... uh .... nevermind.

anyway, entry fee is $17. please let us know if you're going to submit.
16 comment(s)
well fuck, now I have some major competition
(by botkiller 15 years ago)
Ohmni entered 2 tracks & website by Alchemical Burn, 3 by Ohmniscience and 1 by Chainstoking.... (by angaym k oss 15 years ago)
Keith told me that he entered BL5 as well as this web site, and I'm very excited
about it. In my personal view, this website is already a winner, but I still want
them to admit it publicly. That will be cool.
(by Tak 15 years ago)
keith, this is your inner voice telling you to enter (by Munkee 15 years ago)
heh, thanks guys.
K, ENTER! seriously. enter. it will win.

and I plan on blowing those fuckers away with my new song.

it will be great.
(by botkiller 15 years ago)
Question folks: do you think this website will win the Best Website category? If so, I will enter. (by efesar 15 years ago)
Hey botkiller, if he wins again-for some weird reason-point him out and will through tomatoes at him, or used condoms. (by Munkee 15 years ago)
That shouldn't even be allowed (by Munkee 15 years ago)
I just realized something really funny, which is that the people that I lost to last year, the main guy is the advertising manager for the NMMIA... ha! Why am I not surprised? (by botkiller 15 years ago)
Even though I put down nmmia on some post in the past, I'm going to be a hipacrite (sp) and enter a song of mine. I need the exposer and blasting a bunch of boners with electro music sounds kind of entertainting in a way. (by Munkee 15 years ago)
word (by DJMyke 15 years ago)
btw, thanks, Tak. (by botkiller 15 years ago)
ya, I was in it, me and some other idiots, and they won, their shit was total shit too, but I'm entering this year and I'm gonna fuckin' blow those judges out of the damn water with "against all odds" .. fuckers.

you should all enter too, cuz the nmmia is a buncha boners, so we need to give them a blast of elecrtro to the head.
(by botkiller 15 years ago)
I know Brian Botkiller was nominated for the Electronica category, last year. He
didn't win, but I certainly have heard his name thousands of times since then.
But y' know if someone ask me who won in Electronica last year, my answer is "I
don't remember....." It's cool to be Botkiller.
(by Tak 15 years ago)
The entry fee is $17, which means it costs you $17 for each track you might be
submiting for each category. You can also enter a CD with multiple tracks as
one package for $17 for the Best Producer or Album of the Year categories.
But that means you'll be competing with musicians from other genre. I
misunderstood this until 2 weeks ago.
(by Tak 15 years ago)
I've been thinking about it actually. I think It'd be cool to have an award if nothing else... Let me just scrape $17 out of the penny jar and I probly will run for it. (by DJMyke 15 years ago)
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