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2004 local cd releases
14 years ago
Comments (16)
there will be a lot of hub-bub going on in the next 6 months concerning CD releases.

several CDs/albums are to be released in the 2nd half of 2004, including a couple of well-anticipated band CDs and a couple of compilations. i don't think i'm at liberty to say, but if you're on this list (and you want the publicity), post your project in the comments for this post.

one idea is to have an ALL remix version of Burque Luv. i know there are billions of remix kits floating around out there, and tons of remixes. how many people are interested in being on a low-level burque.info/burque luv remixed song CD? they can be previously unreleased songs, just so long as they are remixes (by you or by somebody else). if you are interested in this idea, then contact me.

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16 comment(s)
this sounds cool i have remix kits and would really like to trade em and start a remix of someone else. (by lysergic 14 years ago)
another new release:
the Styxx - lost & found
coming very soon (as soon as the art is finished...)
for anyone into Jurassic 5, Hieroglyphics, Kool Keith, Del, etc., you should check out the Styxx.
(by SCG 14 years ago)
I will be releasing a new CD of greatFox songs from 2003-2004 called "Persona". No specific date set yet, but look for it by the end of the year for sure. (by greatfox 14 years ago)
well, if we are going to do this, we all have to get some kind of prublic ftp where we can store remix kits for each other's stuff, then pass it around.

I can donate space, but I won't have it for long cuz i'm getting kicked out of my house and my servers will be down soon, w00t.
(by botkiller 14 years ago)
Yeah I'm interested in it... depending on how long it takes to bring together I may have a new one for submission... If not I have about a half a zillion copies of the Angel remix. (by Cheshire 14 years ago)
my problem is that I don't even have enough time to work on my own music, so remixes don't come very easily either... v0sher, I did not get a submission from you, did you send it off? if so, it should have gotten to the warehouse, I will double check to see if it is there and no one told me. (by botkiller 14 years ago)
I would luv to have a song on there! what does remix mean? they're mixed pretty good the first time:) (by Rev. Rabre 14 years ago)
i'm not looking to make people do remixes of one song, or even make them do remixes. i'm sure everybody has got a remix or two in the closet, ready to be polished off. (by efesar 14 years ago)
warmthrillofconfusion sampler2004
(by SCG 14 years ago)
i am interested in the remix idea... i tried to get something similar going about 6mo.s ago, but people seemed to lose interest after i took the timeto make remix kits... hopefully it'll work better for you than for me. if anyone wants to remix my work for that comp. efesar is talking about, email me [scg@warmthrillofconfusion.com] (by SCG 14 years ago)
it would frikken figger... (by v0sh 14 years ago)
so.. im assuming you never got my submission, botkiller?? (by v0sh 14 years ago)
uh so their entire site is one page? (by efesar 14 years ago)
w0rd man... i'm down for something like this... (by DJMyke 14 years ago)
don't forget everyone, Red Letter Records [ @ www.redletterrecords.org in ] is releasing "Compilation Vol. A" very soon, featuring SF and Alb. artists, including Blacklight Zebras, Efesar, brian botkiller, Raine Vivian, The Hollis Wake, The KidCrash, One Down, SCG, Zamchowa and many more! (by botkiller 14 years ago)
I AM IN (by botkiller 14 years ago)
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