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malfunction preview cd to be released soon..!
13 years ago
Comments (7)
So, i've decided to make a preview CD to the upcoming "Malfunction:Shades Of Sin" single.... it has 4 songs, and a really neato-frito (god... where did i get that phrase stuck in my head..?) insert.. so if your in Santa Fe and are willing to meet up so i can give you a copy, hit me up... otherwise, if your out of Santa Fe (or don't want to meet up) hit me up.. it'll cost a little just for shipping...

you can contact me through here or an e-mail to [mikevoxagain@yahoo.com]

i just want to know how many i should print...
and these are going to be released around the end of the week...

myke (aka enigmatik...?)
7 comment(s)
I'm intrested bro. Gives me a chance to promote you to some of my friends that aren't aquantiented with your stuff. (by Death Before Birth 13 years ago)
I can give you some money Myke. It's the least I can do. All I ask is for a CD. (by c0ldfire 13 years ago)
its cool. i diig the rain... but the real CD is still taking the same amount of time... however long it takes me to raise enough money... heh... lame... (by DJMyke 13 years ago)
Well that makes sense. I apologize for raining on the parade, and hope this means that the real cd isn't going to be postponed for TOO long! (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
You got a point Sin... but you know... im stubborn and i needed something to do... and to get it out to other people far away from the santa fe/burque scene... and brian, i'll have one ready for you...! (by DJMyke 13 years ago)
dont waste your time bro, just get it together and do a cd for real. most of us have already previewed the remixes online through this site anyway! (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
i'm interested, for sure (by botkiller 13 years ago)
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