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pulse and blu closed due to irs back taxes
13 years ago
Comments (7)
Update: I forgot to mention, they're open again.

The bars formerly known as Pulse and Blu have closed. Upon visiting their website you will notice a new logo to replace the old one, which says "1996-2005?" It then goes on to say "No Matter what... It was your home, and it was your family..." -- [ @ www.pulseandblu.com in /]

I haven't gotton all the details, but I have heard some rumors, and I will detail them here. Keep in mind these are all rumours.

Apparently some patrons noticed a sign on the door from the IRS talking about seizures and non-payments of taxes. The former manager and part owner, Vince Johnson, apparently didn't pay back taxes for several years. Allegedly, the tax bill is nearly up to $2 million dollars. Vince, who allegedly sold his shares in the business sometime earlier this week to another owner, gossips say, skipped town and bolted to Texas. Vince has been in this sort of trouble before with the Sunshine Theater -- [story3.html @ www.bizjournals.com in /albuquerque/stories/2002/03/04]

For the time being, Goth night has been moved to OPM downtown -- [116090.html @ www.livejournal.com in /users/pvck] . Underage patrons will no longer have a Goth night to go to, because OPM does not allow underage patrons.

If anyone has any solid information about this situation, please feel free to comment or talk about it in the message boards. In the meantime, let the rumor mill churn!
7 comment(s)
The comments reagrding Pulse and myself are fale, misleading and defamatory in nature.........100% FALSE!!!!!!!!!!

The fact is that I sold my shares to Lisa VanDyke who was a previous partner and has been a close personal friend of mind for over 8 years.
Bascially, I spread myself real thin by being involved in a project in El Paso, TX and found myself in a financial bind.

I contacted my parent who I havent really spoken to in over 10 years to request their help. My step mom informed be that my fathe
(by settingthe record str8 13 years ago)
They're open again. False alarm. (by efesar 13 years ago)
I heard from a fellow friend, that there opening a new club in ABQ, similiar to Pulse and Blu, playing music from Trance, Dance, Techno, and etc... So I think we should see what happens, and no matter which comes first. (by toxickat 13 years ago)
seen Vince hit the Sunshine.. was not suprised with this.. im more suprised in the trust of equity on him with Pulse.. (but then "fuck bigots" got me and my wife threatened by 4 pulse bouncers ) the site seems to be up.. perhaps the underage crowd has its spot for now? = make it up to them? how, steen? - my more recent experience with Pulse has been nice, regardless of price increases.. perhaps his influence has been waning anyhow... I hope with this change the new service is less ironic and more amiable. (by v0sh 13 years ago)
After talkin to the DARKER VISION/SHADOW CICUITRY folks, know here first we will be stepping up with all ages events geared toward goths/darklings and open to EVERYONE... soon to come! (by angaym k oss 13 years ago)
ahhh yes, the rumours are flyin'! So to add to this; i was working at Harlows last night, i split early to go get food, and lo and behold PULSE was open! I'm not sure what thats about. The OPM night was small, less than 1/4 the crowd usually at Euphoria. The goths who helped get this going and worked it for years are now out of jobs, the underagers are left with nowhere to play and dance, i know this is stating the obvious but it is ridiculous that in the name of business all these folks get screwed over. (by angaym k oss 13 years ago)
<gasp> i'm very curious to see if they re-open or not... (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
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