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masochist (finally) released!!!
13 years ago
Comments (7)
album: Masochist
and this will be the show to be the release show for this CD
events: Enigmatik,Wakesix,MyFormerSelf,RaineVivian

i put up a page for my Masochist CD at myspace.com/enigmatikmasochist (i am an abuser of power, i know)... and so you can check that out to base your judgement upon ("Do i want to bring another five dollars to give to myke for a CD?"... the answer is maybe...)

so you can check that out... i also have a whole teaser track on myspace.com/enigmatik

but i can't get it to upload here... : (

Tracks are as follow
01.Sorry (ver 2.8)
02.Come Down
03.Suicide King
04.My Bleeding
05.They (Everything Fades Remix by Digital Dementia)
07.All I Needed (Tonight) (Ver 2.0)
09.Malfunction (Infected By Wurm Mix)
10.Dreams (We Despise)
11.Lesser (Ver 3.5)
12.Come Down (Lucid Dream Remix by Digital Dementia)
7 comment(s)
yay! (by Raine-Vivian 13 years ago)
im gonna name my cd sadistic and we will go on the s&m tour! ha! (by lysergic 13 years ago)
why weren't you saling cds at the show? Are you too good to sale the cd to your fellow Santa Feians? (by Death Before Birth 13 years ago)
MINE BITCH!!! (by cheii 13 years ago)
goody goody, nice. I want one. (by botkiller 13 years ago)
it was the 2meg thing... but it's fixed.. here's teh link.. song: Masochist Teaser (by DJMyke 13 years ago)
why can't you get it to upload? (by efesar 13 years ago)
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