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messageboard tweaks
11 years ago
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Comments (3)
I made a slight tweak to the messageboard because I noticed that a few topics were extraordinarily long (like [burque.info: news, bands, clubs and events for albuquerque and new mexico] ).

1. I added a "page" feature. Only 10 messages will be shown on every page.

2. I also added a feature to remember what page you were on when you last read the topic. That way, you don't have to scroll down or choose the last page. As long as you are logged in, the website will remember this setting.

Feedback, bugs, godlike praise, as always, is welcome. Please don't use the bug feature. It's buggy. Just post a comment here.
3 comment(s)
i like it, man.. works great! (by v0sh 11 years ago)
I second that motion. (by botkiller 11 years ago)
just for the record, i like the new features. (by poison_pansy 11 years ago)
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