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the late severa wires lp release
12 years ago
angaym k oss
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Hey all!,
In celebration of 5 years of collaborations, The Late Severa Wires is putting out our new LP, three minutes a second, It’s only available on vinyl and it sounds GREAT!

Saturday, November 18 at 8 p.m.

Performances: The Late Severa Wires ; Elmapi (France); Matterlink (France)

High Mayhem 1703-B Lena Street, Santa Fe

Cost: Free entry with purchase of a High Mayhem CD, or $5-10 donation

The Late Severa Wires (Santa Fe) – Founded in 2001, The Late Severa Wires has been an institution in High Mayhem’s philosophical and artistic development. The group consists of Ultraviolet (turntables), Yozo Suzuki (guitar), Mike Rowland (drums), and Carlos Santistevan (bass). The Late Severa Wires creates sonic collages where the lines between instruments are blurred and new sounds emerge out of the collision and interaction of air molecules. Of late the ensemble has been incorporating drum machines, samplers, and electronics to add to their already immense sound palette. After over a 3-year release hiatus the group spent 2 weeks in February 2006 fleshing out concepts they had been developing over the last year. These sessions resulted in the LP three minutes a second, which demonstrates the remarkable dynamic range, intensity, and morphic forms that The Late Severa Wires has developed since their last release. From these sessions nine tracks were chosen for the vinyl-only release. Mastered by the infamous John Golden and pressed at RTI, The Late Severa Wires has finally produced an album that accurately resembles what an experience at one of their live performances is like. No overdubs – raw and unedited. This is the Wires as they are meant to be heard.

And here’s the sexy part…Limited edition of 75O LP’s in clear vinyl with various colors thrown in, Artwork by Yozo Suzuki, and Hand-printed sleeves by Neil Burke from Monoroid.

Unreleased audio from the three minutes a second sessions is available at [The Late Severa Wires | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos]

“Using conventional rock band instrumentation creates the sonic impressions of distinct familiarity, but so inventively twisted and richly alien as to be entirely disorienting.“ – Peter Breslin

“It’s no small task to take on the climbing of Mt. Severa.“ – Vital Weekly, Germany

Matterlink is a filmmaker (James June Schneider) originally from Washington, DC. He is still working with the music scene in Washington on film projects but has been based in Paris for the past 7 years where he has been vampling (video audio sampling) with various groups and solo. Schneider’s vampling work can be described as a performed cinema, a raw hybrid audio visual show. He plays the sound and image of digitized video and film samples which have been “appropriated“ from thousands of videos and films. These fragments are played from a keyboard and manipulated live always with their original sound attached. The look and sound is sometimes musical, sometimes chaotic, working on a specific themes from show to show, this radio-reactive performance is different every time. [matterlink @ www.vampler.net in /]

Elmapi was raised on the island of Corsica before moving to Paris and playing drums for the avant-rock group Ismuck. She soon gravitated towards electronica developing her “volcanic“ sound. Her hands-on electronic performance and improvising makes for a warm yet on the edge live. The synthetic sounds she's made blend and clash with the “found sound“ she’s collected. All the while she kicks out her “powerful woman energy“ (True Vine, Baltimore). Elmapi also uses video she shoots and reworks. The album she will be touring on “Arcane Electronique“ was mixed/mastered by Andy Moor of legendary The Ex. [ELMAPI | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos]
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Hey Ken, is this your other band? I don't even have a record player. How did you get it stamped? Was it Xpensive? (by efesar 12 years ago)
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