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pillows of stone
[Welcome to Fear Studios]
 the somnambulists dream the somnambulists dream
Digital/Electronic [LP]
circa 2006
This song was added to our database on July 1, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 13 years ago. efesar is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 3784 time(s).


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somewhere between heaven and hell there are moments of pure ecstacy which help me forget the limits of physical and social universe. moments like those are rare and rarely perfect and they are the most traumatic kind because they only happen once.
written and performed by efesar.
© copyright 1993-2005 by efesar
when morning comes
i wake up alone

the dream i had is fading away
like rain after the storm

when evening comes
and i'm all alone

on pillows made of stone
i cry to sleep

(cry to sleep)

(cry to sleep)

i would walk into a room
filled with people i don't know

plain and naked on my knees
begging for you please be the one

i had you in my arms just once
but once will never be enough

i have secrets i could tell
if only i could tell them to you

(tell them to you)

(tell them to you)
Gibson II/CEP 2.0
July 23rd, 2002
4 comment(s)
I'm impressed that you like this song. I've got a few remixes that I'm working on. (by efesar 13 years ago)
Wow this song goes really deep... This song is no doubt pure emotion which makes it rock. I favor this song over most songs on the album. The vocals were the best i've ever herd(not including your other songs). i think if you really look at this song it tells a story, a deep sad story that makes me want to listen to the song again. Keep up the good work. (by special21 13 years ago)
yeh, man.. kay really makes you think.. (by v0sh 13 years ago)
It gives me chills just thinkin' about it (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
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