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night sweat
[Welcome to Fear Studios]
 the somnambulists dream the somnambulists dream
Digital/Electronic [LP]
circa 2006
This song was added to our database on July 1, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 13 years ago. efesar is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 4026 time(s).


1 vote(s).
4m 5s 6.7MB 229Kbps

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an ambient feedscape remix of "a capella for two"
written and performed by efesar.
© copyright 1993-2005 by efesar
February 8th, 2002
5 comment(s)
Thanks. I'm going to write a little module in PHP that will validate the length of the encoded files, and re-encode them. I was thinking about the infinite loop problem. Anyway, I've re-encoded all the songs that looked like they might be fucked up in length. (by efesar 13 years ago)
Damn, I can't even type one sentence right these days... I totally did mean short, and I had this problem on a couple of other songs as well. With bash the exit status of the command is in $? so as long as a core dump returns a non-zero exist status you should be able to catch it. Just watch for infinite loops. Lemme know if I can be of any assistance. (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
I see what you're saying. Yeah it's a bug in LAME 3.96.1 ... it's stupid ... whenever I use Samba to do *anything* on the server while LAME is encoding, it core dumps. I haven't really figured away around it yet. Do you know how to trap for a core dump in BASH, to restart the encode? (by efesar 13 years ago)
I don't understand what "a little bit shot" means ... but yet, the song was intentional? Do you mean a little bit short? It's supposed to be 4m 5s. Did that not work out? (by efesar 13 years ago)
A litle bit shot, but i'm sure that had to be intentional, right? (by Sindrone 13 years ago)
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