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 hallucinations fire play hallucinations fire play
Digital/Electronic [LP]
circa 1995
This song was added to our database on August 1, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 15 years ago. efesar is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 6628 time(s).

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This song, originally untitled, was the first song we wrote on the Roland RAP-10. There are a few short samples from Nine Inch Nails in the beginning, and a really weird sample that nobody can figure out. Well, it doesn't say anything really. We think it sounds like "This is not the time for God", but in actuality, it's just coughing and hacking reversed and echoed. The name Vosh came because originally there was no title. Vosh had just left town to go get clean of crystal meth so we named it in honor of him.
written and performed by efesar.
(text accompaniment)

i want you to listen to something he says as he hands her the head-phones. she slips them over her ears and listens. she hears familiar noises of her world, but it's not her ears that hear, it's her eyes that see. the echoing emptyness of the caverns benieth the city streets, the hollow sound of another life being taken, the call at midnight from the hospital telling you that your best friend is dead,the church organ playing the death march for the lost innocence of youth, the gargoyles laughing down at you from the farthest hights. she was taken to the world she had visited often enough in her journies, only this time she wasn't alone.

I want you to hear something, he said to her as he handed her the head phones. she sliped them on her head and listened. as the music started she heard a sound that should have been familar yet was changed somehow. something was wrong. her brain tried to rationalize the "error" but nothing would explain what was wrong. the song progressed and her disturbance grew. the song slowly took shape around her but she was no longer listening. her mind was screaming at her to take the head phones off yet her body was paralized. the "wrongness" was taking over. she saw herself slowly reaching the edege of histeria but could not stop running. she looked over the edege and the music stopped. The girl raised her head slowly, looked at her friend then took the offending equiptment from her ears. what do you think the boy asks. she can say nothing to him. she has only one immage forever implanted in her mind, the world endind and her hands covered in blood. the red of it clogging her vision.
This song was originally entitled, Johnny Did His Physics Homework or Johnny Got His Physics.
February 18th, 1995
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