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Another Hellacious Angel (young corngod)
Alchemical Burn
This song was added to our database on April 17, 2006, and the song's information was last updated 14 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 7847 time(s).

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This is a composition based around a three minute outake from an Ab live performance in Los Angeles at Mr. T's Bowl.
Additional recordings were edited for and added to it. This is cosidered an alternate version of "AHA" as it includes text by Mr William S. Burroughs. I consider his inclusion to be an acknowledgement of his influence in creative and various other endeavors in my life.
It is generally a very noise intense track. I do feel there are many textures and musical expressionisms that are conveyed. The frequencies and overtones created are addictive in nature! This is designed to stir up agressive energies and the like.
I have no intention of any profit being made off of this piece. This is meant for listening and downloading only. There is, however, an alternate version without the text and including even more noise mayhem. That version will be released on the upcoming 5-way noise split 7" between Mark Beyer, Raven Chacon, A.G. Ledergerber, Redglare and Alchemical Burn.
2006 ohmni
April 17th, 2006
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i poured gasoline on all the presets and struck a match on yuur mamas wang doodle, i will melt your effin brain. (by angaym k oss 14 years ago)
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