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xiphoid process
This song was added to our database on October 20, 2006, and the song's information was last updated 14 years ago. necrophoria is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 7033 time(s).

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near 10 minute piece building from a dark drone to an orchestral frenzy.
m. potts
2006 xiphoid process/m. potts
tonight we carve with a blade to the skin
the sigil of the hour at hand
to open the door on the mystery within
the first to see the wasteland

tonight we venture where none have gone
drawn circles in the sacred sand
to gain the knowledge before the dawn
of what lies in the wasteland

i can feel the wasteland filling up my field of vision
tearing holes into my psyche with some kind of dread precision
and i feel that i should turn and run
or stick the barrel of a gun
inside my mouth but never pull the trigger
just to make the fear grow bigger
everyday another wasteland

there it is again the pulsing pounding at my temples
and it hammers on my conscience with an unrelenting fury
and it makes sick, it makes me cry
i gag on guilty alibis
i never should have dared to tell
a prince of light and still i fell
an endless chasm here inside the wasteland

a door on the other side
if only we can make it
the darkness is so wide

the fear comes from every side
i don't think i can take it
there's nowhere left to hide

finally we reach the door
throw it open stare in silence
stunned at what's beyond:

"my god it's full of stars..."
October 20th, 2006
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