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Afternow (Bitwise Evolution Mix)
Digital Dementia
Industrial Electronic
 Psychodermic Injection Psychodermic Injection
Digital/Electronic [EP]
circa 2005
This song was added to our database on April 1, 2004, and the song's information was last updated 16 years ago. Sindrone is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 9360 time(s).


8 vote(s).
4m 43s 5.4MB 160Kbps

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Features extremely heavy bass, I hope you have an above avarage stereo system! Inspired by the increasing sense of power and strength that large quantities of computers, networking, and information/data give a person of flesh and blood. Dependency on technology, feeling helpess without it, and embracing that feeling. Belief and acknowledgement that our bodies are weak and feeble. How integrated we are as people with technology in life will remain after death. Not fear of technology and death, but looking forward to the afterlife as a part of "the machine".
Sean Kennedy of Rant Radio for the Inspiration.
Efesar of Fear Studios for his the mentorship.
[ @ www.immortalcontinuum.net in /]
I, am a node, of server.
Born of flesh, and blood.
I have, no use, for pain, or fear.
Information, is the blood, of my body.
My flesh is weak, but my connection, is eternal.
Therefore, I am a god.
This track was initially released on the Burque Luv 5 compilation, a Fear Studios release. It was later released as the first track on our debut album "Psychodermic Injection".
95/190 bpm
January 1st, 2005
8 comment(s)
damn, those are the lyrics? that's some straight up ghost in the shell shit! (by cheii 15 years ago)
Hahaha, thanks wench, that is probably the most flattering comment I have ever received. That kid of yours is a frickin genius!! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
P.S.- My kid wanted this added to his DOOM 3 game...haha (by xunchandxwenchx 16 years ago)
My brain has been pulverized into a gelatinous froth. Thanks!
I <3 this track.
I now have a 'soundtrack' to some of my dreams-
(by xunchandxwenchx 16 years ago)
I'm glad you found this track to be some tasty candy, i'm a big fan of your music as well and am honored you had a chance to listen! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
This is fabulous... It leaves much to the imagination... Dangerous for the weak minded but candy to the creative individual... (by cascova 16 years ago)
thanks man, I really appreciate the compliment. Especially coming from you bro! (by Sindrone 17 years ago)
hell yeah! this track has been a favorite of mine for a while now. very cool. (by necrophoria 17 years ago)
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