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torchlight needles
Alchemical Burn
This song was added to our database on January 6, 2002, and the song's information was last updated 14 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 11678 time(s).


5 vote(s).
7m 34s 6.9MB 128Kbps

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industrial funked dance thingy
angaym k. oss-vocals, pandoras box
swante-sampling keyboard

original master by kenneth cornell
remastered by keith woodell
April 1st, 2001
6 comment(s)
this track is still in my current rotation - as well as other enduring AB tracks - a testament to influence. (by v0sh 15 years ago)
thanks for the kind words y'all. it means alot to me! (by angaym k oss 17 years ago)
i havent listened to this since BL3 came out, and now listening again i have a new appreciation for it. i love the arrangement and the riff carries the noise and the beat on a nice drifting layer. i like the vocals too-- not overdone on the distortion-- you can actually understand the words. wow. (by greatfox 17 years ago)
hell yeah!! shades of everything that, imho, is right with digital music. ab is truly sublime! (by necrophoria 17 years ago)
WOOOOOOOO!!!! fuck yeh i havent heard this track in.... oh yeh i was listening to this on my personal mix cd 2 days ago... ahem... WERD! (by v0sh 17 years ago)
i know it's an old track but i'm just gettin started with the radio... (by angaym k oss 17 years ago)
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