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Ethereal Fracture
Digital Dementia
Industrial Electronic
 Psychodermic Injection Psychodermic Injection
Digital/Electronic [EP]
circa 2005
This song was added to our database on January 13, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 16 years ago. Sindrone is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 6774 time(s).


6 vote(s).
4m 2s 4.6MB 160Kbps

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Mysterious and creepy melody with minimal percussion. Written after I had been living almost completely nocturnally for months, this track represents the contemplations of person who has failed misserably, and is planning their rebirth. Simple, yet emotional, the synth lines are reminiscent of a haunted house, only much more depressing than scary.
Sindrone: Rhythm, Synth, Percussion, Samples, & Composition
Samples: Laughter by Brandon Lee from The Crow Film
[ @ www.immortalcontinuum.net in /]
66.6 bpm
January 13th, 2005
6 comment(s)
the composition for this track kicks ass! i love the gothic theme, it reminds me of the castlevania and i mean this in a good way. I'm submersed in the eerie ambience. (by daden242 16 years ago)
Your review was not ridiculous at all. This song was born from emotion rather than technical reason more than any other song i've written to date. I think that it's my most successful interpretation of emotion to music, so I really appreciated your comment. I have a new one called "frozen" that i'm still working on that I think you may strike you in a similar way. (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
Just wanted to let you know that I really really like this song. It has a certain emotional sensibility that I can connect with. (Sounds like a ridiculous review, but I dig the track.) (by goatpax 16 years ago)
thanks for listening necro, I appreciate your comments! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
hellzapoppin' phat phuckin' synths! a digital funeral dirge with a unique sound. like the build with the percussion. sweet. (by necrophoria 16 years ago)
So, what do y'all think of this track? (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
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