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sway blaque
Alchemical Burn
this track was created for some cute animal robot pimp as a guide through the electronic city of high speed mayhem
This song was added to our database on March 21, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 14 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 12604 time(s).


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this is a little electro diddy designed to put a strut into that step, the bass line was the beginning building block here, the violin was a bit of velvet underground influence, this is probably the most "feel good" track i have done in a long time
angaym k. oss- all instruments and production
2004 ohmni music
March 21st, 2005
6 comment(s)
catchy. can't get it out of my head.... nice! definitely different for ab as you said, though i've never known your material to be bound by any restrictions. (by necrophoria 15 years ago)
i'm glad you all like it so, it was like candy to make, its good to know it comes across as such, a definite departure for Ab. (by angaym k oss 16 years ago)
Is there such a thing as "Ear Candy"? If so, I just had some listening to this song...Great Job!!! Such a pleasure to hear. (by projectone 16 years ago)
woah dude you kicked this songs ass!definately interested in any more like it..keep it up (by lysergic 16 years ago)
Wow. Very structured and post-FM synth. Fun to play with, tastes great, too. (by efesar 16 years ago)
Bad ass little filter breaks in this. It had my booty shakin' within the first minute. Very unpredictable, great job! (by Sindrone 16 years ago)
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