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Humane Contact
Aural Anomaly
This song was added to our database on May 13, 2005, and the song's information was last updated 16 years ago. goatpax is responsible for keeping this song's information up to date. This page has been viewed 5878 time(s).


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The wound is healed by swallowing a bit of the damaging toxin...
Karen Houser---Eran Westwood
Here comes that existential emptiness
Chewing through my flesh.
Insomnia dominates and makes my body ache,
Like a wounded animal run over by a truck,
My life is disfigured, I just need to be touched.

I want to painfully connect with another tortured soul.

I learned to love my machine, now I need human contact.
I'll throw away my machine if you give me human contact.

I obsess about growing old, especially since I'm alone,
So much I've been denied, a miracle that I survived.
Such distinctive lines embedded under my eyes,
Lick my face, vacuum the sorrow out of my brain.

What is intimacy? Anchor it to me.
Am I so inadequate, unworthy of happiness,
Wish I had more to give you babe.
I'm working on it, maybe someday.
I hope by then it's not too late.

I fell in love with my machine,
But he doesn't talk back to me.
I depend upon my machine, now I need the real thing.
I'll throw away my machine if you penetrate me.
September 5th, 2000
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