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haZe utFs
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Albuquerque, NM
current recordings and alt.current
[inerex@current-recordings.com] _ [Best Vehicle Wraps Denver, CO | Commercial Wraps & Graphics] mp3 pages and other projects: [inerex @ www.mp3.com in /] [ @ inerex.iuma.com. in ]

available releases from me:
Blip: the glitch electronica standard reference Loops for ACID [cd-rom] [sony pictures media]
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:haZe_one:blip:::UTFS:505:KGB:POP:ACT:PLO: - pi[n]9 -
your girlfriend and/or wife.
-SOCIAL/POLITICAL VIEWS: ---i am against animal experimentations, if it's for us and our use, then test it on us, we're just as much a thinking living thing as they are. ---i am against ANY in-humane action or degredation on any culture/ethnic background. no matter who does it!!! (yes, this goes for you too u.s.a and israel, your just as much to blame as your enemies, and you christians arn't exempt either, it's wrong, every human is a person, just cuz they were raised to believe something different, doesn't mean they are "less-evolved", maybe your just culturally regressing. ---(the u.s.a.) we've been a republic since 1776 which is run by a modern-day triumverate govt. (judicial, executive, congressional) that grants it's citizens rights(the constitution), not necessarily freedom. ---the u.s.a. is the modern day roman republic. we were modeled after their structure, and now, we will watch our triumverate govt. fall into a corruption and greed filled empire of fascist ideals. as did the great roman republic and it's triumverate govt... the only question i have left is, who is going to be our julius ceasar and our augustus????? ----religion was created by "ancient" humans to answer the unanswerable questions, like "where did we come from n where are we going?" and to fill a void of lonelyness inside the evolving human complex thought patterns; i'm not that week minded, but apparently the majority of people are. ----QUOTE: " thanks for the american dream, to vulgarize and falsify until the bare lie shines through; thanks for a country where nobody is allowed to mind his own buisness." -- william s. burroughs, a thanksgiving prayer. "there is no underground anymore. if your selling records at any level, you are not underground." --- alan avanessian - plug research records
electronic music, sound and audio professional, computer useage, graphics design, i'm intelligent too.
sound designer / experimental electronic musician
i grew up in USA:NM:505
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