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Venue  Category  City  Genre  Filtered descending  Date  
Guild Cinema Theater Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.06.07 
Blue Dragon Coffeehouse Coffeehouse Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.12.27 
solarts Perform Spc Albuquerque Unclassified 2005.02.11 
Wool Warehouse Warehouse Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.12.23 
Zele Cafe & Coffee Coffeehouse Santa Fe Unclassified 2001.12.12 
Il Vicino Pizzeria (Central) Restaurant Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.06.09 
R.B. Winning Coffee Company Coffeehouse Albuquerque Unclassified 2003.05.02 
Burt's Tiki Lounge Bar Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.11.06 
REBAR Bar Albuquerque Unclassified 2003.04.29 
Lensic Performing Arts Center Theater Santa Fe Unclassified 2001.12.19 
KUNM 89.9 FM Radio Station Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.12.06 
Moonlight Lounge Bar Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.12.27 
Aztec Cafe Coffeehouse Santa Fe Unclassified 2001.12.03 
Martini Grille Bar Albuquerque Unclassified 2001.12.12 
Ogden Theater Perform Spc Denver Unclassified 2001.12.04 
Malarkys Bar Albuquerque Unclassified 2004.01.31 
KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio Radio Station Santa Fe Unclassified 2004.05.19 
CaCTuSLaDYsQUaRe Studio Tularosa Unclassified 2004.02.26 
Red House Lounge Coffeehouse Santa Fe Unclassified 2004.07.22 
Southside Cafe/Club ñ Bar Santa Fe Unclassified 2005.01.18 
Cowgirl Hall Of Fame Restaurant Santa Fe Unclassified 2005.03.12 
Mesa Theater Perform Spc Grand Junction Unclassified 2001.12.04 
The Cell Theater Albuquerque Unclassified 2003.11.28 
NM State Fairgrounds Park Albuquerque Unclassified 2002.06.15 
Santa Ana Star Casino Arena Bernalillo Unclassified 2002.06.14 
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