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N/A yet
This venue was added to our database on September 17, 2003, and the venue's information was last updated 17 years ago. iSiS is responsible for keeping this venue's information up to date. This page has been viewed 3027 time(s).
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416 Rio Grande Ave.
El Paso, TX
Picture this: Graeco-Roman/Egyptian decor, Full-Size bar, an impressive VIP room, pool tables, awesome sound system, Elevated stage, huge dancefloor area, all in all, incredibly spacious & breath-taking throughout its MANY rooms...and this is just the first floor. This building is 3 stories high! The 2nd floor will eventually be open as well. (plans still in the making) The top floor might stand a chance later if we can convince the gov. that we won't have obnoxious drunks falling off the balcony. hahaha Estimated Capacity for live shows is about 1000 bodies if need be...but that doesn't mean we're too good to book smaller, more intimite shows Keywords: Hospitality & Luxury at a price you won't refuse. Due to be open within a few weeks.
More info will be available soon. For promotion/booking concerns, email me at [epunderground@hotmail.com]. We do not currently have a website, so if you want to stay updated on the club happenings, feel free to join this yahoo group:


Musicians, DJ's, promoters, clubbers, music junkies, etc are welcome to join.
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