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Red Letter Records Compilation Vol. A
brian botkiller, efesar, Enigmatik, Multipass, people that look famous, Raine Vivian, SCG, The Blacklight Zebras., Various, zamchowa
Purchase the CD online at our webpage! Only $5 plus $2 shipping and handling, you owe it to yourself to get this disc showcasing so much talent fron New Mexico!
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This album was added to our database on January 8, 2005, and the album's information was last updated 18 years ago. botkiller is responsible for keeping this album's information up to date. This page has been viewed 3525 time(s).
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First off, it's only FIVE DOLLARS!

Compilation vol. A gathers together a selection of some of the finest bands in New Mexico, including:

oneDown, Raine Vivian, The Sex Boys, Multipass, Typikal Human Animals, brian botkiller, The Kidcrash, SCG, Unofficial, The Blacklight Zebras, Enigmatik, People that Look Famous, The Hollis Wake, Zamchowa, Efesar, Aurumn, Solidify, Bandana and (don't)shoot noah!

Track listing:

Track name – Band name

1. broken – one down – 0:02:00 – 2:45:40
2. true love dead as disco – raine Vivian – 2:47:40 – 7:22:14
3. captain anarchy – The Sex Boys – 7:24:14 – 9:21:34
4. entrevue – multipass – 9:23:34 – 14:15:29
5. in the query – typikal human animals – 14:17:29 – 15:59:61
6. mind and space – brian botkiller – 16:01:61 – 21:58:01
7. untitled – the kid crash – 22:00:01 – 26:35:34
8. running from? – scg – 30:28:25 – 32:40:25
9. lack of interest – unofficial – 32:42:25 – 40:48:53
10. pharmaceutica – the Blacklight zebras - 40:50:53 – 44:10:35
11. lady in red – enigmatik – 44:12:35 – 45:28:30
12. get outta my way – people that look famous - 44:12:35 – 45:28:30
13. his bedroom door – the hollis wake – 45:30:30 – 48:06:04
14. tenistortiph – zamchowa – 48:08:04 – 55:00:45
15. rose – efesar – 55:02:45 – 58:34:32
16. let’s go somewhere – aurumn – 58:36:32 – 59:38:59
17. broken bones – solidify – 59:40:59 – 62:41:56
18. high school high – bandanna – 62:43:56 – 65:34:35
19. Untitled – (don’t) shoot noah! 65:36:35 – 71:36:10

Total run time : 71:36:10
January 28th, 2005
Every band that submitted music. You all rock. Elektra and Carlos for being so awesome and hanging in there with me on this. Molly for artwork. Ana for pictures. Gary for mastering. EVeryone I know for advice. Myself for design. Crystal Clear CD's for how awesome they are. Ana for getting cash to make this happen. Warehouse 21, still rockin.
Red Letter Records began as the Musician's co/op out of W21 about a year and a half ago. It's goal was to release some cd's of local bands and to start making a scene. I (brian botkiller) came into it in early 2004, and took the seat as the co-ordinator of the co-operative. We all helped make decisions and we decided to make this CD. It was a group effort in every way possible. Bands submitted music, and we put it together. It is now done, and is a real CD, ready for sale anywhere. It is truly awesome, and we hope that everyone likes it.
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1 broken - one down
2 True Love (Dead as Disco)
3 captain anarchy - The Sex Boys
4 Entrevué
5 in the query - typikal human animals
6 untitled - the kid crash
7 running from?
8 lack of interest – unofficial
9 pharmaceutica
10 Lady In Red
11 his bedroom door - the hollis wake
12 tenistortiph
13 rose
14 let's go somewhere - aurumn
15 broken bones - solidify
16 high school high - bandanna
17 Untitled - (don't) shoot noah!
13 comment(s)
well maybe if you were to contact us every once in awhile, we could get you something! damn you! (by botkiller 18 years ago)
nope. God damn RLR (by Raine-Vivian 18 years ago)
'twas indeed my friend, I hpe everyone had fun. Raine, did leo and everybody get copies of the CD
(by botkiller 18 years ago)
that was a kick ass cd release party ehh brian? (by Raine-Vivian 18 years ago)
I think we broke 200, actually ;p (by botkiller 18 years ago)
I bet y'all easily had 100 heads at the release party, no? (by Sindrone 18 years ago)
I certainly hope so... we need at least 100 people; that would be best to start, so please please bring everyone you possibly can! thanks! (by botkiller 18 years ago)
I'll see everyone at the release party, I bet there will be an incredible turnout for it! (by Sindrone 18 years ago)
too cool man, thanks, I'll be talking to everyone about CD buyback in the next week and I'll get back to you, fer rizzle. thanks for updating the song list, huge help, considering so many of those bands are not on the site (by botkiller 18 years ago)
Hey so I updated the songlist, as you can see. (by efesar 18 years ago)
yeah you know i want a bunch. i'll buy em. tell me how much for how much. (by efesar 18 years ago)
you get one for being on the comp, and we might do a cd buyback program or something of that like, so you can sell some. gimme your thoughts!! (by botkiller 18 years ago)
Hahah, I see you already did it. Hey so what's the deal with copies for musicians? (by efesar 18 years ago)
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