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the sky ep
brian botkiller
Available thru Fwank! Music for $5.00. Please go to [brianlorelle.com – Social Media Marketing, Digital Creative Services for Albuquerque, NM and beyond] for more info, or email botkiller (at) fwank.net. Check out [brianbotkiller @ www.musicv2.com in /] for some listens from this album. Thank you as always for your support. Official webpage at [Subscribe to brian botkiller | brian botkiller]
This album was added to our database on February 2, 2003, and the album's information was last updated 16 years ago. botkiller is responsible for keeping this album's information up to date. This page has been viewed 4329 time(s).
My first outing on my own. 5 Tracks of cut-up loops and beats, ambient and dancable. Tracks include:
4.sleeping awake
6.echoes of a forgotten time (radio edit) [bonus track!]

Over 40 minutes of music for $5!
Also comes with free sticker!
No one cares!
January 1st, 2003
brian botkiller- programming, production, recording, engineering, cd art, cd sales.

Mastema - inspiration.
I've never put out a cd by myself, but the time had come, and so after recording some tracks, I laid down "the sky ep" and am now distributing it.
From [维多利亚老品牌vic119(中国)官方网站]

"Mixing deep tribal beats with inorganic blips and beeps, Brian Botkiller (aka, Brian L.) aims to create a sense of music within multiple layers of effects and melody. And it works. Hailing from the digital world of New Mexico (sure. Maybe not as big as Detroit's house scene and all but...), Botkiller fills the space needed to keep dance floors happy while aiming to fill the space in your brain with open thought. Lots of good stuff here and a favorite of the Swine – we imagined a lot of the tracks for sultry movies...and no, not the ones starring Mandy Moore. Keep your ear to the ground for this one, or better yet, get in touch with him and wrangle some of his stuff – it's totally worth it."

Favorite Track, "sky"
Rubbing Elbows with: Orbital, Future Sound of London, Roni Size
“The tracks on your cd are awesome.”
Patrick Byers-Smith, listener

"SAFE" Is unmistakably fresh and original, but at the same time full of tribal/infinite-free nothingness, rich in depth and ancient in passionate ways...beautiful, undefinable, and definitely real, unpretentious and rich food for the brain."
DJ GleeCraftGirl of “safe”

"Thought provoking and ethereal, SKY conjures a sneaky warmth and classy depth that sits well with the soul.
It’s mischievous moves from low key ethereal, to just as easy going drum and bass combined with ambient soundscape begs for listening on especially retrospective occasions."

DJ GleeCraftGirl of “sky”


"This track has a definite soundscape underpinning. It slowly works its way into a drum and bass motion. The instruments are melded so well that there's never harsh or sharp motion. This song is very fluid. Another of my favorites from botkiller."

- Kay of Fearstudios of "sky"

"It sounds like Super Nintendo music... not that that's a bad thing!"
- Mario Hinojoza, listener


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