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burque luv volume five [right]
Alchemical Burn, Aural Anomaly, CHAINSTOKING, consumeobeybreed, CREEPSHOW, Digital Dementia, Djinn N Jewz, Enigmatik, Harmonic Decay, inerex, OHMNISCIENCE, sanspalma, The Special Ed Mafia Sessions, Trapped In Amber, Travis Williams, Windtalker, xiphoid process
album: burque luv volume onealbum: burque luv volume twoalbum: burque luv volume threealbum: burque luv volume fouralbum: burque luv volume five [left]album: burque luv volume five [right]
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August 20th, 2003
1 black horizon [burque luv five right]
2 damaged goods [burque luv five right]
3 mammals at mach speed [burque luv five right]
4 say goodbye [burque luv five right]
5 method of madness [burque luv five right]
6 estinct.4 [burque luv five right]
7 Puzzlebox [burque luv five right]
8 dance lounge [burque luv five right]
9 born again decay [burque luv five right]
10 i want you to bleed [burque luv five right]
11 sex magik [burque luv five right]
12 cc30light_club_blues [excerpt] [burque luv five right]
13 bottle witch [burque luv five right]
14 sugar shit [burque luv five right]
15 sacred ground [burque luv five right]
16 psychosis [burque luv five right]
17 Afternow (Bitwise Evolution Mix) [burque luv five right]
3 comment(s)
Yay, now all the songs are up, wheeee!!!! (by Sindrone 18 years ago)
You don't have to feel lonely anymore. (by efesar 18 years ago)
It's hard to believe that i'm the only artist (Digital Dementia) that has my song from this disc (right) online. It would be cool to get the rest up here to listen to... (by Sindrone 19 years ago)
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