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Interview by efesar
Friday December 13, 2002

Joey’s Studio
There is a quiet neighborhood in Albuquerque where a plain looking shed is nestled among the tall trees of Joey’s backyard. At first glance it looks like a large utility shed, and perhaps that is what it was once upon a time. But as we approach this shed I notice a purple glow underneath a crack in the door. I look up to the clear January sky where the bright moon is cast by the same purple glow from skylights in the roof of the shed.

Joey opens the door. Even though the night is cold, the inside is warmer than I expected. The walls are a deep purple and there are glow-in-the dark stars pasted to the ceiling. The walls are covered in material to absorb reflective sound and there is a Plexiglas wall separating one room from the other. This is not a shed – it is Joey’s studio. I have seen a lot of home studios since I got into the music business that made me feel claustrophobic, but this studio is stylish and inviting.

The night feels magical somehow. It is Superbowl Sunday and less than two hours ago my Goddaughter Brianna was born at the kickoff to the big game. For the next six hours Joey masters Burque Luv 4, a compilation of local electronic musicians. I am in a state of bliss – this studio is better than the chill rooms at the best raves.

Fast-forward nine months . . . It is now October and I’m in Joey’s studio again. It is bright because of the sun streaming through the skylights. Joey tells me he just got back from pre-natal with his wife, and I am surprised to find out that Joey has his own little bundle of joy on the way.

It’s always enlightening to visit Joey. The walls are covered with master copies of his albums, which are framed in glass. As I count them out, Joey is eager to let me listen to his new songs. The first song he plays is an Echoing Green version of a classic Christmas carol – The Little Drummer Boy.

“When I was a kid,” I tell Joey, “Drummer Boy was my favorite Christmas carol.”

As I listen I am reminded of why Joey is one of my favorite electronic musicians – although there are trancelike pads and thumping bass beats I am not the least bit disappointed. Somehow the ancient song is transformed in my mind to this new version.
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