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Press Release by efesar
Monday December 16, 2002

Website Growth
I think it's amazing how this website has grown over the past year. I'm not going to analyze these charts, but I am going to make some basic comments.

The first table is the raw data over the past year. Although the website existed before February of this year, I didn't start tracking stats until February.

Next we see Total Hits on Files, which represents how many hits we've received (which includes all files, not just web pages -- this includes images, scripts and stylesheets). In terms of raw hits, the site experienced an 8x increase in the number of hits since February.

Bandwidth is a similar situation. Bandwidth is a little more modest with a 6x increase, from 200 megabytes up to about 1.2 gigabytes.

Users per Day is not nearly as dramatic. From about 70 to 130 we can see that the number of visitors has nearly doubled.

There is a large increase in the number or Hits per User, which explains some other things. Basically, there are 2x more users and they are staying 3x longer! We must be doing something right!

Finally we see the number of Unique IP Addresses. Overall this has stayed steady. This is not a very good indicator or usage on the site, because many times large corporations recycle IP addresses through something called IP Masquerading. Although there may be 50 people on a company LAN, all those people may share one IP address.

Well, that's it folks. I am very excited about the growth of this site. The best way to help increase traffic to this site is by user interaction. Link us up on your websites! Put http://burque.info or http://www.fearstudios.com/burqueluv in your emails and in your newsgroup/messageboard posts.

Spread the Burque Luv!
2 comment(s)
werd up to that, man, fersher (by v0sh 21 years ago)
right on efesar! I have been doing my best to spread the word and will continue! You have done a wonderful job of keeping the community active and informed. (by gleecraftgirl 21 years ago)
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