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Press Release by efesar
Saturday June 14, 2003

Introduction and History
"Burque Luv" is a series of music compilations featuring Albuquerque and greater New Mexico musicians. Most of the musicians are digital/electronic musicians (trance, house, industrial, electronica, synth pop).

These are professionally produced, mastered and printed CDs with barcodes. They are real and retail ready.

Burque Luv Volume Five will be a 1 or 2 disc set. We will print 500 copies of this CD and it will be released in August 2003.

In 2000, we released Burque Luv Volume One. That was a limited edition 40 copy CD that we gave away at Euphoria. All the copies are gone, but if you want to listen to the songs we're happy to burn you a copy. The musicians featured on this compilation were almost exclusively local, and the theme was dark electronica, darkwave, industrial and noise.

In 2001, we released Burque Luv Volume Two. This was another hand-burned, home printed collection, with a slightly higher volume of 100 copies. Again, we gave these all away at Euphoria. This album featured such local favorites as efesar, diverje and greatFox.

Later in 2001, we kicked into high gear with Burque Luv Volume Three. This was our first professionally produced CD. It was 500 copies. We gave away 250 copies at Euphoria, and 200 copies to other organizations such as newspapers, radio stations and club DJ's. It was such an ambitious project that the Daily Lobo wrote our first major review here.

Finally, in 2002 we released our biggest compilation to date, Burque Luv Volume Four. Featuring over 17 local musicians, this critically acclaimed compilation released 1000 copies to the wild, and we hit a milestone of unparalleled magnitude.
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