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Alchemical Burn
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Alchemical Burn
Albuquerque, NM
contact angaym on behalf of Ab at
or call 505-315-4743

related projects:Chainstoking, Ohmniscience, Unnatural Element, Notes From The Future, Symbiosis, the Black Lillies

**special thanks to fear studios & burque.info (keith woodell) for all they do for NM electronic musicians!

(angry baby photo on this page by michael flowers)


This band was added to our database on June 28, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 16 years ago. angaym k oss is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 20760 time(s).
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2 vote(s).
"angelic communiques"
establishing contact with other life forms and conveying a melancholy story of humanity and it's potential beauty lost in the aether...

credits: performed recorded and produced by Angaym K Oss
c. 2005 5m 54s 6.7MB 192Kbps

2 vote(s).
"BATtle CRY"
lo tech step power noise soundsculpture call to arms...

credits: carlotta (r.i.p.)-machine drumming

angaym (x.x.x.)-mixers, pedals, feedback, k.oss
c. 2006 7m 39s 6.1MB 128Kbps
No votes.
A mix of sound collage, very down tempo, and sinister tendencies, all performed as live improvisation

credits: concieved-performed & recorded by Angaym k. Oss
c. 2007 6m 10s 5.7MB 128Kbps
No votes.
A panoramic exploration of random near melodies. A cacophonous deconstruction of the nature of sound. A heralding of the arrival of the wrathful goddess from the depths of the darkest sea.

credits: Makoto Karasu - Circuit Bent Synth & Drum Machine

Angaym k. Oss - Mixer Manipulation, Pedals, Kaos Pad
c. 2007 5m 42s 4.3MB 128Kbps
No votes.
"Red City (BLZ vs. Ab)"
Melodic Electro/Noise track. A tip of the hat to industrial music, but in the guise of an extended live jam.

credits: Zebra (Blacklight Zebras)- Synth Module

Angaym (Alchemical Burn)- Drum Machine, Analog Noise
c. 2008 5m 26s 5.0MB 128Kbps

4 vote(s).
"sway blaque"
this is a little electro diddy designed to put a strut into that step, the bass line was the beginning building block here, the violin was a bit of velvet underground influence, this is probably the most "feel good" track i have done in a long time

credits: angaym k. oss- all instruments and production
c. 2005 5m 47s 6.6MB 192Kbps

5 vote(s).
"torchlight needles"
industrial funked dance thingy

credits: angaym k. oss-vocals, pandoras box
swante-sampling keyboard

original master by kenneth cornell
remastered by keith woodell
c. 2001 8m 34s 6.9MB 128Kbps

3 vote(s).
"ToxicCulture w/Goatpax"
Electronic slow step rhythms combined with soundscape, minimal synth work, and "spoken" word.

credits: Goatpax-vocals & words
Angaym-drum machine, synths, sampler
c. 2005 6m 4s 8.3MB 192Kbps

3 vote(s).
plugging the brain into the heart through one big ol distortion box, a train through the center of your soul, an aural beatdown for electro junkies

credits: Angaym K. Oss-beats, noise, keys, vox
c. 2005 4m 56s 5.4MB 192Kbps
No votes.
"Another Hellacious Angel (young corngod)"
This is a composition based around a three minute outake from an Ab live performance in Los Angeles at Mr. T's Bowl.
Additional recordings were edited for and added to it. This is cosidered an alternate version of "AHA" as it includes text by Mr William S. Burroughs. I consider his inclusion to be an acknowledgement of his influence in creative and various other endeavors in my life.
It is generally a very noise intense track. I do feel there are many textures and musical expressionisms that are conveyed. The frequencies and overtones created are addictive in nature! This is designed to stir up agressive energies and the like.
I have no intention of any profit being made off of this piece. This is meant for listening and downloading only. There is, however, an alternate version without the text and including even more noise mayhem. That version will be released on the upcoming 5-way noise split 7" between Mark Beyer, Raven Chacon, A.G. Ledergerber, Redglare and Alchemical Burn.

c. 2006 3m 14s 4.5MB 192Kbps

4 vote(s).
"Bondigenous Teradactyl"
unending forward movements of a momentous electronic occasion, somewhere in the realm of an epic dance, concieved and refined with melodious intent...

credits: composed, mixed and produced by Angaym K.Oss
c. 2005 5m 50s 6.7MB 192Kbps

1 vote(s).
"mammals at mach speed [burque luv five right]"
[burque luv five right]

credits: angaym k.oss-sampler, drum machine, kaos pad, mixing console, pandoras box

recorded at dos diablos studios

remastered by Keith Woodell (FEARSTUDIOS)
burque luv volume five [right]
c. 2003 5m 6s 6.4MB 174Kbps
No votes.
"torchlight needles [burque luv three]"
[burque luv three]

credits: angaym k. oss-vocals, pandoras box
swante-sampling keyboard

original master by kenneth cornell
remastered by keith woodell
burque luv volume three
c. 2001 7m 17s 6.7MB 128Kbps
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