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Albuquerque, NM
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This band was added to our database on June 24, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 14 years ago. efesar is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 36462 time(s).
a capella for two ophanim
alien flower soulwell
american pop soulwell
amondeica transience
amon ra soulwell
angel ophanim
angel [burque luv] burque luv volume one
attack of the steen dots hallucinations fire play
bald headed fuck fest soulwell
batholith the somnambulists dream
beautiful ophanim
beyond repair the somnambulists dream
billionaire ophanim
black inside ophanim
black inside [burque luv three] burque luv volume three
blakrane imps, ogres & valkyries
breathe missing the last part
castaway transience
cocaine soulwell
cold winter
concrete the somnambulists dream
consequences ophanim
cornholio soulwell
crash [stress differential] transience
curiss [instrumental]
daddy's dead imps, ogres & valkyries
daeionatribe vhukki transience
danny ophanim
danse elan
days of darkness soulwell,
missing the last part
degrees of reconciliation transience,
missing the last part
dependent on weaker vision
derion imps, ogres & valkyries
desert walk
discorporate transience
djhank soulwell
domain admin [dirty trance] ophanim
domain admin (perfect mix)
do what i please the somnambulists dream
drive imps, ogres & valkyries
drowning euphorica
drown [instrumental] hallucinations fire play
ecstacy soulwell
eden imps, ogres & valkyries
eden x
egil's saga (endgame)
egil's saga (finale)
egil's saga (innocence)
egil's saga (overture)
egil's saga (passion)
egil's saga (the killing fields) missing the last part
eleventy three the somnambulists dream
epiphany the somnambulists dream
epiphany [burque luv five left] burque luv volume five [left]
epiphany [feedscaped] the somnambulists dream
eye imps, ogres & valkyries
fight soulwell
found it transience
found it [burque luv two] burque luv volume two
fuck the somnambulists dream
girl with the red hair transience
god missing the last part
hallucinations hallucinations fire play
hear the rain soulwell
hero imps, ogres & valkyries
illusion imps, ogres & valkyries
industry jam hallucinations fire play
i want your body ophanim
i wish i could die
jungle ophanim
killer imps, ogres & valkyries
lamb ophanim
liar imps, ogres & valkyries
liar [instrumental] hallucinations fire play
linear induction transience
love and war the somnambulists dream
love and war [instrumental]
mimic missing the last part
mind missing the last part
mushroom god missing the last part
mushroom god [hiroshima by ed deBuvitz]
night of the eternal day hallucinations fire play
nights missing the last part
night sweat the somnambulists dream
obscenity transience
orion's arrow imps, ogres & valkyries
osiris missing the last part
pastorale missing the last part
pillows of stone the somnambulists dream
punk rocker in hell hallucinations fire play
remember this [instrumental] hallucinations fire play
return to babylon missing the last part
rose thorn,
Red Letter Records Compilation Vol. A,
the somnambulists dream
safe from the deep
section 8 wannabe hallucinations fire play
shiny bullets ophanim
sine language (pure)
soil and ground ophanim,
missing the last part
space soulwell
spawn soulwell
speak the execution of monngrea soulwell
spoils of war [instrumental] missing the last part
suffering daisy the somnambulists dream
sweet dreams
telephone nightmare hallucinations fire play
the gift
the pulse [instrumental] subcon.01,
the silly song hallucinations fire play
the somnambulists dream the somnambulists dream
things i cant have the somnambulists dream
thorn thorn
thorn [dead on arrival mix] thorn
thorn [instrumental] ophanim,
thorn [instrumental] [burque luv four] burque luv volume four
to die
torn soulwell
trial by you
v0sh hallucinations fire play
vobishen transience
water imps, ogres & valkyries
wet dreams ophanim
wet dreams [burque luv] burque luv volume one
122 songs total.
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