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Albuquerque, NM
ritual document

This band was added to our database on August 4, 2001, and the band's information was last updated 18 years ago. terrorstate is responsible for keeping this band's information up to date. This page has been viewed 11407 time(s).
Dark ambient soundscapes,Heavy noise rhythms
Muslimgauze,Zoviet France,SPK,Jajouka
Terrorstate is the ambient exp. project of New Mexico based artist Chris Aka. Chris Aka has been playing his brand of drone based noise for over 7 years releasing several tapes, cd's, minidisks, and several collaborations all in hand made special packaging. Pre-Terrorstate he had several releases under the title Internal Iliac. Together with fellow Ritual Document label mates M.Bonal, Inerex, and J.Frede, Terrorstate has played over forty live shows with 2 west coast tours the Telluride Exp Film Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary arts, and the Denver Atonal Festival to name a few. All of his sound collages are fueled by a direct sense of purpose. No two shows are ever the same. All are constructed specifically for the venue and the audience. These 15 minute to 2 hour sound pieces have been based around ideas ranging from Rape, Vegetarianism, Murder, the Taliban, the Koran,war in Yugoslavia, the Isreali-Palestinian conflict, Christian television, space travel and so on.

Currently Chris is working on several projects one with M.Bonal under the name Sons of the Wolf. The premier album will be a collaborative 3 CD box set. He has soundtrack work in the documentary film by New York filmographer Konrad Aderer titled "life or Liberty" Set for release spring 2002 .The experimental 16mm film, Chicago Skylights by German director Klaus Eisenlohr with soundtrack composed by Terrorstate, J.Frede, M.Bonal, and Inerex was premiered at the Chicago EXP film Expo in the fall of 2001. The B52's tribute double cd on Nihilist Records has just been released with a dark planet Claire cover track by Terrorstate. Terrorstate will also be releasing an online only album "Reeds" within the next month. Look forward to Terrorstate "CLONE" and Sons of the Wolf "VITTORIA" full length cd's out in may of 2002.
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Chris Aka
Internal Iliac-Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis -C60
Internal Iliac-Corrosive-2 C60 box set
Internal Iliac/Chapter 23-C60 split
Terrorstate/J.Frede-Biological 001-2 C60
Terrorstate-Kashmir-CD LP
Terrorstate-Kiloton-MD LP
Terrorstate-Ganzfeld-CD LP
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